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Leguan launches flagship platform

Leguan, a sister company to Avant Tecno, showed the new L190 access platform, which offers a maximum working height of 19m, an increase of 2m compared with its predecessor, the L165. It also has a greater outreach capability, offering 8.3m with a load in the basket of 230kg, and 9.7m when carrying 120kg. The three-stage telescopic boom incorporates sensors

that monitors the load on the basket and restricts the amount of outreach accordingly. As an option, the machine can be fitted with a wireless remote control to operate both the machine drive and the deployment of the outriggers, which level themselves automatically. The L190 can be supplied with a trailer, and it is available with tracks or four-wheel drive. It weighs 2660kg and is fitted with a 14hp diesel engine. At Vertikal Days, the Leguan machines were being displayed by distributor

Central Platform Services. 01977 643595 Mace’s handy Hoddi

Mace Industries showed the latest version of its Hoddi, a mini conveyor designed to meet the needs of general builders when moving materials from ground level onto scaffolding. The original product was 5m long, but is has now been re-designed as a 6m machine that folds in the middle for easier storage and transportation. Petrol and 110V electric versions are available. The company also reports

growing interest in the Geda 2 PK model hoist for

crane operating personnel, which is designed so that it can be used with cranes from any manufacturer. It offers a load capacity of 200kg and a lifting speed of 24m per minute.

01536 206600 27

New Manitou model

Manitou showed its new 220 TJ telescopic jib platform for the first time in the UK. The 22m machine is available in two versions, with the standard model being designed for lightweight and compactness, while the 220 TJ+ has a high-capacity basket rated at 350kg, regardless of the position of the articulated arm or the telescopic extension. The structure consists of a pivot and three telescoping

elements, giving an overall length of less than 10m. Both models have a 2m pendular arm that folds, reducing the overall transport length. Power is provided by a 26kW diesel engine coupled with a variable speed pump, and the booms incorporate a system that is designed to automatically optimise the power output, reducing fuel consumption. Also, a mechanism patented adapts the speed of the boom depending on how far out it is extended, maintaining consistent movement.

01202 825331 Latest Safety Lifting Group additions

Safety Lifting Gear has also the range of equipment it distributes from the Italian manufacturer, Boscaro. Items like block grabs and crane forks are now complemented by site products such as concrete buckets and pourers, muck skips and self- dumping bins. At Vertikal

Days, the company also displayed the Guil Toro D-406 industrial mast lift, which is designed to handle loads of up to 400kg and offers a maximum height of 6.53m. By swapping over the legs to the back of the machine and adding weights plus a holder attachment, which locates and secures at the back of the legs, it can be turned into a counter-balance unit that can be positioned as closely as possible to the work area, for tasks such as lifting glass panels.

0808 123 6969

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