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Pantone launches new digital colour platform for designers P

antone has launched Pantone Connect, a digital platform for designers that streamlines their colour decision-making and communication.

The new platform provides access to all Pantone Colour through a single-user account across mobile, web, and the Adobe Creative Cloud applications and includes the first ever Pantone Color Match Card, a revolutionary credit card-sized target that calibrates a phone’s camera to capture colour from real life, match to Pantone Colours, and then save the colour into the designer’s palette workflow.

With the ongoing digital evolution of design

workflows, there has increasingly been a need to close the gap between the physical and digital for designers. Within the new suite includes the revolutionary Pantone Color Match Card and Pantone Connect Mobile App (for iOS and Android). Merging physical colour with a digital workflow through an innovative approach, this Card-App pairing makes Pantone colour identification and communication from physical

ColorGATE announces three new solutions and services


olorGATE has announced the release of three new solutions and services; Productionserver 20, ColorGATE Custom Create and ColorGATE Custom Create.

Productionserver is the company’s core product. This RIP and colour management solution is available in a commercial version for large format printing and graphic arts, as

well as in industrial versions for packaging, ceramics, décor, and textile printing. The industrial versions have exclusive features for their respective markets, such as ColorGATE’s Fingerprint Technology for ceramics and décor printing or an industry- leading white underbase creation for textile printing on dark substrates. The new version 20 has been updated to Adobe’s PDF Print Engine 5, supports spectral spot colour definitions, and brings compatibility with PantoneLIVE. It features improved spot colour support for Pantone and Freie Farbe spot colour libraries and includes now additional settings for the Ink Saver feature to allow for even greater ink savings. Industrial users will also benefit from the new Retouch Module, allowing last-minute colour corrections before going to print while staying consistent with a colour-managed workflow, and from the Color Correction Loop Module which is a prerequisite for iterative colour correction processes in décor production.

| 8 | August 2020

Custom Create is a new end-to-end workflow solution that connects print buyers, print service providers and brand owners. The core of Custom Create is a powerful, Magento-based e-commerce engine with advanced features such as product creators with advanced customisation features and 3D product previews, as well as a pricing engine that can be individually configured and supports all leading payment methods. Other modules that ColorGATE is going to make available over the next quarters include online marketing support, connectors to creative applications, job ticketing and fulfilment functions such as inventory and shipment management. The workflow solution integrates seamlessly with ColorGATE’s Productionserver. ColorGATE is also now launching a Professional Color Management Services offering where users of any printing and colour management technology can pick a standardised service from a menu.

inspiration to final design a streamlined, accurate, and affordable option for large dispersed design teams and freelancers alike. Additional features include: ● Pantone Color Match Card calibrates a mobile device’s camera to more accurately measure a targeted physical colour, which is immediately matched to the closest Pantone colour(s). ● Pantone Connect mobile app saves captured colours into palettes for sharing to social media or designing via the Pantone Connect Extension for Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. ● Colour conversion to Pantone, improved digital navigation of the Pantone Colour

Libraries, and inspiration features such as colour extraction from images, colour harmonies, and trending colour palettes ● Pantone Connect’s expanded suite also serves as a newer alternative to Pantone Studio for iOS, and a replacement for some of Pantone’s pre-existing digital solutions, including myPantone for Android, the Pantone X-Ref web app, and Pantone Color Manager desktop software.

Print & Stitch 2020 roadshows cancelled


he organisers of the Print & Stitch roadshows have announced that the 2020 shows will no longer be going ahead, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement they said: “This has not been an easy decision to make, but the safety of our staff, exhibitors and visitors has always been at the forefront of our decisions throughout the pandemic, and will continue to remain our top priority. "With there being little

information yet about when larger events can safely take place again, and most of the nation recovering from the impact of the coronavirus for the foreseeable future, we believe the best and safest option is to resume our shows in 2021. "We would hate to see the morale and reputation of the shows, that we have built up over the past three years, be diminished through

circumstances that no one has any control over. "We are hopeful that our shows will resume as usual in 2021, bigger and stronger than before.” Updates on the 2021 show dates and locations will be announced online.

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