Supplier Profile: Target Transfers The home of heat application Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Heat Press is the new standard in hat heat presses

Target Transfers is the only single source supplier for heat presses, heat transfer vinyl and Custom Heat Transfers in the UK.


ince Target Transfers was established in 1976, the company has been the leading UK manufacturer of Custom Heat Transfers. Where the company manufactures all your custom heat applied transfers. From branded neck labels to logos, and badges or from slogans to school leavers prints. Target Transfers is also the UK division of Stahls’ and Hotronix (whose own history goes back to 1932), which also includes Transfer Express, the leading US supplier of heat transfers. The Stahls’ group has led the way in heat printing by manufacturing the most innovative heat transfer vinyl and the world’s leading heat presses (Hotronix). Looking forward 2020/21, Target Transfers is pleased to be at the forefront of the biggest technological growth in heat printing since Stahls' first introduced Cad-Cut Flock in 1932. With UltraColour Heat Transfers you will see the biggest improvements in full colour heat transfers in decades. And now Target Transfers’ newly relaunched website will be the easiest way to get custom heat transfers in the UK. In 2020, Target Transfers has added over 100 new colours to its HTV range. And launching this autumn the Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Heat Press is a real game changer.

UltraColour transfers come to the UK Introducing the industry’s most advanced full colour heat transfer. With UltraColour, Stahls’ and Target Transfers are bringing you heat transfers with unlimited colour options, without the need to worry about floating text or key lines. ● 60+ washes – Say hello to the new industry standard for washing. With UltraColour the going rate of 50 washes has been surpassed. ● 24-hour manufacturing – All transfers are made in Braintree, Essex. ● Four-way stretch – All Target Transfers’ heat transfers now come with four-way stretch as standard. ● Green Certified Transfers – The new Target UltraColour Transfer system is fully Oeko-Tex certified.

This is the biggest improvement in full colour heat transfers in some time, to be one of the first to offer this to your customers head online.

As the UK division of Stahls’,

Target Transfers is the exclusive manufacturer of UltraColour in the UK.

Easy View – Online transfer ordering made easy Target Transfers specialises in producing transfers for garment manufacturers of all sizes. All you need to do is provide artwork. Once you are happy with your design,

| 56 | August 2020

add it to the uploader and the team will bring it to life. Then you just need to fuse it under a heat press for 10 seconds. ● Online design checker – With Target Transfers Easy View, the team will check your design in real time. Alerting you to any quality and size issues. ● Free virtual assistant – Log in to your Easy View to access all your orders and designs. Want to reorder with one click? Or maybe you need 24/7 access to order and payment status. ● Who can use easy view? – Target Transfers is the only UK transfer manufacturer with a full online portal for all customers. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you have been working with Target since the beginning.

HTV Spotlight – Silicone Dye-Block

For a raised effect on sports and performance wear. Stahls' Silicone Dye-Block is the latest innovation for sports and athletic wear decorators. For those asking for HTV with a raised finish to add texture to your garments. Silicone Dye-Block is here to make those dreams come true. Get the dye-blocking power of silicone without messy ink or the need to burn screens. Simply cut the name, number, or logo, weed, and apply with a heat press. Available in 100, 200 and 500 micron thickness.

Silicone Dye-Block is the latest innovation for sports and athletic wear decorators

The new standard in hat heat presses Hotronix heat presses already feature the world’s most innovative technology. But this autumn Target is revolutionising heat presses again. This innovative heat press has a 360° print area that lets you print the front, back, and sides of a cap without removing it from the press.

UltraColour transfers come to the UK

The dual silicone platen, adapts to the logo’s thickness and shape to give equal pressure over the entire cap. Guaranteeing adhesion with no lines, marks or scorching for patches, vinyl, transfers, or emblems.

Target Transfers is proud to be the first to offer this revolutionary new hat press to UK customers. The first two pre-order access periods sold out, to secure October delivery – order now.

Thank you for continuing to choose Target as your material and machines partner.

01376 326351

Easy View makes online transfer ordering easy

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