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Blinking in the sunlight F

or those who do head back to work, there will be a lot of changes, some of which represent opportunities for the merchandise sector, an industry that has been forced to change rapidly over the past few months.

Companies that were more used to supplying pens, mugs and lanyards have had to get up to speed rapidly on PPE – becoming instant experts on what makes an effective face mask or hand sanitiser.

After weathering a period when sourcing these items was like the Wild West, things have settled down a bit now. There is product in the pipeline and companies are looking beyond purely hygiene factors to how merchandise might help getting people back to work.

With social

distancing likely to remain a thing for the foreseeable future,

personalisation looks set to be having a moment. Once people are back to work, you can be sure that everyone is going to be hypervigilant about using their own cups, cutlery, water bottles, or anything. Drinking vessel specialist,

The UK is looking to enjoy a summer like no other. For some people, August will mean the end of a form of hibernation, as the Prime Minister termed it. They’ll be hoping to get back to work and play their part in helping to kickstart the UK economy. Promotional products commentator, Stuart Derrick, reports.

water bottles. With pubs now open again, maybe reusable pint glasses are set for a comeback. You may not have noticed, but July was Plastic Free month when people are asked to forgo single use plastics to cut down on their use and make other arrangements. Already 250 million people have participated in the scheme in 177 countries, cutting back on straws, cutlery, cups, food containers, bags, and water bottles. Hopefully more of us will soon be able to get our plastics habits back in check.

One natural product that has never gone away is leather. The Leather Business has launched a range of AntiBac leather products, which is claims help destroy or suppress the growth or reproduction of bacteria. AntiBac treated leather is available on Melbourne full hide grained nappa leather products from 50 pieces in five to six weeks. AntiBac is fully AATCC 147 tested for growth or inhibition of bacteria for both gram-negative and gram-positive micro-organisms. Gram-positive bacteria causes skin, respiratory, blood infections and food poisoning, while gram- negative causes pneumonia, e-coli and can attack vital organs such as the liver and kidney.

Products include the ladies Melbourne zipped wash bag with two internal pouch pockets and one zipped pocket. It can be Pantone colour matched from 200 pieces. A cosmetic bag with zipped pocket is also available in the range. This can also be promoted as a unisex product to hold sunglasses, mobile phone, and so on.

Keramikos’ Universal tumblers

Keramikos, is able to personalise its Universal tumblers to ensure that every member of the team knows what they’re drinking from, or just feels a valued part of the company. The tumblers can even be individually addressed and boxed.

Winning dishes

Meanwhile, Reading-based M-four Promotions is offering a smart 700ml lunch box in ecological bamboo fibre plastic with natural bamboo lid and a cutlery set featuring a fork, spoon and knife, which are held in place with an elastic strap. With more people looking to eat healthily, or keep their lunch budget under review, it looks like a winning dish.

One of the additional downsides of the pandemic has been how the focus on

hygiene and safety has led to a shift back to single use items. Some café’s stopped using the reusable cups that many now use to reduce their single-use habit. But it’s worth remembering why we’re trying to

Serious days

These are serious days we live in at the moment, so fair play to one brand for inserting some humour into grim times. Beer brand Dos Equis did its bit social distance activities with the introduction of a Seis Foot Cooler, a giant-sized coolbox that not only keeps the beer chilled, but perfectly demonstrates the socially

responsible distance to

maintain between drinking

compadres. Drinking with a purpose – what more can you ask for?

The company

Dos Equis’ Seis Foot Cooler

produced the branded product for a promotion in the US which asked drinkers to send in pictures of proof of purchase of Dos Equis beer and a receipt to claim a free cooler. Each of the boxes holds at least 12 cans of bottles of beer, plus ice. Cheers!

M-four Promotions’ smart 700ml lunch box

cut down on these items in the first place – to help save our planet’s resources and to stop treating it like a litter bin. Hopefully, companies can start to move back to a more sustainable model with a return to reusable cups, cutlery, and

| 70 | August 2020

All of which goes to show that there could still be some miles in this summer yet, so as you emerge blinking into the sunlight, don’t forget those sunglasses. Xindao is putting the cool into ‘cool shades’ with a smart pair made from ever so chic wheat straw and bamboo. The eco

sunglasses conform to AS NZS 1067 standard and can be delivered in a craft cardboard box.

Xindao’s cool shades

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