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PenCarrie MD takes on John O’Groats to Land’s End challenge L


ast month, Tony Lock, PenCarrie’s MD, cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End, all in aid of charities Stroke Association, Cancer Research UK and MS

After several cycling events were postponed this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Lock decided to take advantage of the light July evenings and embark on this adventure as a personal challenge as well as raising funds for a great cause. Mr Lock started his epic journey on Friday, July 11 at John O’Groats and, five days in, had cycled across the top of Scotland, headed south across the highlands to Alness, further south to Fort William via Loch Ness and Loch Lochy. Mr Lock’s journey saw him cycle over 1,000 miles in 16 days taking in the hills of the Southern Uplands, across the Scottish border to the wild countryside of Northern England, around Manchester, through the rolling countryside of Shropshire and Herefordshire, across the River Severn, around Bristol, over Dartmoor, along the North coast of Cornwall and, finally, to Land’s End.

Mr Lock managed to stop at PenCarrie HQ in Devon on

Wednesday, July 22, where the PenCarrie team waved and shouted encouragement as he passed.

CADlink releases dye sublimation software solution C

ADlink Technology Corporation’s latest release into the digital printing segment of the

personalisation/ customisation market features an all-inclusive, professional software solution for dye sublimation producers.

Digital Factory v10 Sublimation Edition provides exceptional colour accuracy and vibrancy across a variety of sublimation ink sets, transfer papers and widely used printers. Using a high-fidelity colour management engine, the soft colour includes professionally created colour profiles that enable the highest quality print production right out of the box. Also included is a series of simple colour adjustment tools that provide operators a way in which to make colour adjustments quickly and easily as required. Unlike Windows-based printer drivers


included with many sublimation printers, not only does Digital Factory Sublimation Edition provide an enhanced level of colour management options, but also includes a complete set of

pre-production, print production workflow management tools. Ideal for shops of all sizes and budgets, the software has been designed for simplicity without limiting functionality. Sublimation printers will discover that the software eliminates the need for using other design applications to prepare print jobs by including all commonly used tools such as; step and repeat, custom print template creation, image editing tools, colour 'knock out' tools that enhance print quality while

oland DG has released the latest version of its VersaWorks 6 RIP software for inkjet printers and initiated a free upgrade service for customers using compatible

models. Included with Roland DG’s inkjet printers and printer/cutters,

VersaWorks 6 RIP & Print Management Software is designed to maximise the characteristics of printer, ink and media to enable high-quality printing and improved efficiency for print production.

Main features of the VersaWorks 6 latest version ● New ‘True Rich Color’ print setting

To enhance the colour reproduction capability and the colour gamut provided by your printer and inks, we developed a new True Rich Color preset. Now vibrant colour can be combined with neutral greys, smooth gradations and natural skin tones to create stunning graphics. This pioneering colour expression is unequalled for durable graphics.

| 6 | August 2020

Tony Lock pictured at Loch Ness

saving ink costs and much more. Support for virtually all sublimation printers is possible either by using the included customised direct printer drivers or by leveraging the workflow advantages within the software and printing via the Windows driver (GDI approach) included with most printers.

New version of VersaWorks released by Roland DG ● CutContour Lines can now be added and edited in

VersaWorks 6 The latest VersaWorks 6 is equipped with a ‘Job Assistant’ function that can automatically add contour lines for cutting PDF design data within the RIP software. Even if the cut contour line is missing in a submitted file, printing and cutting can now be performed quickly without returning to the design editing software, allowing jobs with short delivery times to be reliably met. ● Compatible with popular spectrophotometers used in wide format printing

In order to respond to the diverse colour matching needs of printing businesses, such as accurately reproducing an intended colour, precisely printing a corporate colour specified by the client, or managing the printer so that the same colour is always output, a spectrophotometer is essential. The latest version newly supports drivers for the latest models of the Barbieri, Spectro LFP qb and Spectropad spectrophotometers.

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