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TheMagicTouch introduces live online demonstrations


heMagicTouch has undertaken a refurbishment of its Dunstable showrooms and training facilities which include the addition of new HD cameras and enhanced audio features. This new innovation enables the company to conduct live online demonstrations, technical support and product updates in a professional and efficient manner to either group sessions or even a one-to-one basis.

The company over recent years has experimented with Skype, Facetime and various other online options however during the lockdown the growing familiarity, popularity and ease of use of Zoom makes the visual contact with customers a more productive and informative experience. In July, the company completed over 25 product demonstrations featuring the white-toner printer technology and hosted 10 separate technical support sessions including software tips, RIP tutorials and face mask decoration. All equipment demonstrations are pre-booked and customers

P&P editor Melanie Attlesey put the online demonstration through its paces on Friday, July 11.

“I was pleasantly surprised by both the clarity and the quality of the camera feed. All printers and software could

be seen clearly on screen and both Jim Nicol and Nathan Newbury could be heard with no dip in the audio quality. Obviously, nothing beats a hands-on product demonstration where printers can get directly involved, but a Zoom call comes a close second for anyone who may have any burning questions regarding techniques or products, eliminating the need to travel far for a demonstration.”

Custom Gateway and CADlink announce partnership


ADlink Technology and Custom Gateway have announced a technology-leading, collaborative effort introducing automated cloud-based raster image processing integrated within a complete e-commerce based digital print ordering and fulfilment service. The CADlink developed cloud-based RIP solution is specifically designed for use by Custom Gateway and provides significant benefits over the use of locally installed and maintained software solutions. Gateway RIP enables rapid, scalable deployment of a complete colour management, production workflow solution for digital print providers offering wide format, print/cut, and speciality personalisation/ customisation print services. The cloud-based approach provides a completely automated print workflow solution that requires little to no ongoing management and maintenance overhead once deployed.

Custom Gateway’s key message is that Gateway RIP ‘boosts your printer’s speed and efficiency’ – a promise that Custom Gateway is already making a reality for customers.

The growth of on print on demand and personalisation has led to development of a full cloud-based product and order management solution by Custom Gateway, which Gateway RIP now complements perfectly. With the addition of Gateway RIP, Custom Gateway’s cloud-based solutions now go further to provide an end-to-end service that is accessible from any computer, anywhere in the world.

| 10 | August 2020

Jim Nicol carrying out a live online demonstration

are invited to forward in advance their chosen artwork to be used during the session. All printed samples produced are then sent to the customer for their evaluation, input and thoughts. Jim Nicol, managing director, said: “With almost 29 years of service to the industry we have always maintained our business and reputation by ensuring our service levels not only match customer expectations, but exceed them. This new technology when managed properly, will enhance and improve this even further in the future.”

The company continues to invite customers to attend hands- on demonstrations at the showroom in Dunstable, Bedfordshire confirming that every precaution and safety measure has been and will continue to be implemented while we slowly move out of lockdown.

The global market and appetite for personalisation continues to grow and even during such testing times the decoration of face masks is just another example of the demand and flexibility of TheMagicTouch transfer process.

The Schoolwear Show is postponed T

he Schoolwear Show, the annual trade exhibition for the schoolwear industry, is postponing its October 2020 edition. In a statement to the industry, TSSL, the show’s organisers, said: “We are all experiencing extraordinary times. We hope you are well and your preparations are working now that you have been able to reopen. “After extensive work, including canvassing exhibitors and retailers and investigating the various options for running The Schoolwear Show this October – including an appointment only and a virtual version – the decision to postpone this year’s show has been taken by the board. “It is a great disappointment, as The Schoolwear Show has been such an important place to see virtually all your suppliers and meet potential new ones. The 2021 show has been booked at Cranmore Park and TSSL will be making sure that it gives you even more to help your business prosper, even in tough times.”

In the meantime, TSSL is continuing to look at all options and will review the situation in September, after Back to School. These options include whether there is a practical way of putting on an interim show of some kind, possibly in November. This would allow the market to unite and also help clarify what 2021 might look like. TSSL continued: “For the next three months or so, we all need to be focused on delivering as good a Back to School as possible, which is going to be a further challenge. The key will probably be the schools opening in September and fully functioning. “We hope Back to School goes well for you. You can rest assured that TSSL will be working on all the options to help the whole schoolwear market to be able to come together at a show in the future.” In light of The Schoolwear Show postponing its 2020 event, the annual Schoolwear Association (SA) Awards are also being deferred this year. The awards, which include a presentation at the SA fundraising evening following the first day of The Schoolwear Show, will return for 2021.

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