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Epson announces first industrial-level dye sub printer


pson has released its first 76-inch large-format printer in its LFP history. The SureColor SC-F10000 is a sophisticated, dye sublimation printer that has been developed for the textile production market; where high productivity, speed and reliability are central to the success of the business. The numerous applications include: fashion, sportswear, home furnishings, promotional goods and soft signage. Tom Owers, pro graphics product manager, Epson UK said: “In the dye sublimation sector, customers demand fast turnaround times, consistent performance, high-quality output and reliability. With these requirements in mind, we’ve developed an industrial level dye sublimation printer that, we believe, sets new standards. The SC-F10000 offers the highest throughput of all Epson LFPs and is equipped with four new PrecisionCore Micro TFP printheads and a ‘hot-swap’ bulk ink solution that’s designed to keep businesses running. Our heritage is built on innovation and this is one of those moments in which we’re raising the benchmark for productivity in dye sublimation.”

The features of the SC-F10000 that clearly benefit businesses, include: ● Up to 255sq m/hr high-speed printing. ● New PrecisionCore Micro TFP print heads. ● Epson Precision Dot Technology (blending three dedicated technologies for dye sub: new Halftone, LUT and Micro Weave).

● Easy media setting (media loading lever front and back). ● Auto-adjustment technology including an integrated RGB camera.


raphtec GB has partnered with Portugal-based WID Innovations and is now the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the L300 Laminator and the soon to be announced C Series of Laser Cutting machines.

The L300 can be used for both thermal and cold laminating applications to accommodate different production requirements and media preferences. Using the machine for cold lamination, power consumption is reduced and the need for special operational skills and closer consideration of environmental issues less critical than for thermal lamination and with operating costs commensurately lower as a result. Conversely, when used for thermal lamination the L300 will impart greater strength and durability to laminated


raphics One has launched two new desktop dye sub solutions, the GO ET-2720 DS (dye sub) sized 8.5x 14in and the GO ET-15000 DS, sized 13x19in. Featuring printer technology launched this year, the systems include printers with Wi-Fi, inks, media, design software and warranty support along with a variety of accessories which position these units as the easiest, most user- friendly desktop dye sub printers available. Further, both printers are both cotton and polyester dye sub capable out of the box. GO’s new dye sub printers offer the latest print head technology with ultra high-resolution imaging at speeds unmatched in the industry. Featuring

| 14 | August 2020 SureColor SC-F10000

● New dryer (less ink transfer to media reverse and wrinkle elimination).

● Advanced Auto Tension Control (Ad-ATC) for accurate and stable media feeding.

● Bulk Ink solution (with 10-litre or three-litre ink boxes supported by ‘hot-swap’ function).

● Operator-replaceable parts. ● Ink system usability (easy mount, ground based, waste bottle sensor).

● Accurate paper-feeding system. ● Shorter pressurised cleaning time. ● 9in LCD highly-intuitive touch panel. To further improve consistency and reliability, not to mention user peace of mind, Epson manufactures all the components for the SC-F10000, including print heads, ink, firmware and software.

The SC-F10000 will be available from September 2020. Diversified Graphtec GB announces entry into graphics laminating sector

output, leading to enhanced protection against environmental impact and product degradation and the ability to solve problems of possible warping or shifting of the laminate film during application more easily and quickly.

L300 Laminator

Capable of handling a wide range of different substrates in thicknesses of up to 25mm and at a speed of up to 3.5 metres/minute, the L300 has dimensions of 201cm (width) x 65cm (depth) x 135cm

(height) and an electrical power requirement of 220V 16A. Main design features include twin silicon 130mm-diameter laminating rollers, pneumatic roller elevation and pressure/tensioning systems, a compressor and an operating mode facility to enable both automatic and manual laminating.

Graphics One releases two new dye sub printer bundles

dye sub ink manufactured in the Silicon Valley by Prism Inks, the vibrant colours and unrivaled deep blacks provide one of the largest colour gamuts available. Amir Ajanee, managing partner, Graphics One, said: “Our first objective was to provide a complete turnkey solution so that anyone who would like to initiate dye sub production would find it very simple to get started. We have developed a fully featured software capability that allows users of smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macintoshes to start using the system immediately.”

GO ET-2720 DS and the GO ET-15000 DS

The printers will be available via the extensive Graphics One distribution network.

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