perspective in order to improve their teaching methods, or to share with parents so that they are aware of how particular subjects are being taught in school.

“Recent developments in the technology also allows for events to be broadcast live to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope. With time becoming so precious and parent’s lives getting busier and busier, this offers them the chance to watch and react to performances if they can’t make it to the school on that particular day, and thanks to the viewer being able to choose which part of the 360-degree sphere, they can watch their child’s performance throughout. This will also allow relatives living in different countries to watch live performances online.

“Schools can also use the cameras to record virtual tours of their buildings, granting parents the chance to see the school before visiting, and any new starters the opportunity to walk through the school before their first day, helping to alleviate any

nerves and boost their confidence before they step through the school gates.

“A large number of VR cameras have recently hit the market, ranging in price from consumer- friendly, entry level models with limited image quality available for around £100, to professional and broadcast-level equipment costing several thousands of pounds. There are, in fact, very few models that sit in the middle, providing an affordable and user-friendly experience whilst also creating high-quality pictures and videos. This is where the Vuze camera from HumanEyes comes in. With 4K resolution and eight camera lenses combining to create a 3D, VR experiences for less than £1000, Vuze is the perfect answer for those in search of professional results on a limited budget.

“The cost and ease of use is a common barrier for adopting any new technology, however for imaging equipment, another obstacle is what to do with the content once it has been captured. Editing photos, and in particular videos, can be a time intensive process and often results in hard drives full of unused footage.

“Vuze VR Studio software is included with the camera and provides a straightforward, but powerful editing suite. Whilst the new HumanEyes Zone allows VR videos to be hosted on, and shared from, a dedicated website for each school or user.”

Delivering Trust-wide ICT

Meanwhile, The Constellation Trust and RM Education have partnered to deliver excellent ICT across the whole Trust. Here, the Trust’s Chief Operating Officer Trevor Taylor discusses the partnership, and explains the benefits of working with RM.

“The Constellation Trust is a forward thinking and innovative Multi-Academy Trust based in Hull. The Trust is made up of 2 secondary schools, 6 primary schools and a pupil referral unit which all aim to provide the best learning opportunities for pupils. RM are the trust’s chosen ICT partner, providing a complete and fully managed IT support service to all schools in the Trust. “As part of their IT support service The Constellation Trust receive a full reactive support desk, with a range of proactive updates and services from their Remote Network Manager. The remote team carry out 180 daily checks run at 3am to ensure as many issues as possible are picked up and resolved remotely where possible before the school day even starts. “RM’s support means I can sleep at night. I really like the wrap around service with the extended team in India doing updates overnight meaning there is no interruption to lessons. It’s a total care package.

“The Trust aims to deliver consistent ICT across all of their sites and currently have RM Flex, RM Unify, Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint as the standard suite across all of their schools. Trevor has found that having a consistent infrastructure in place has really helped to improve communication and collaboration between the schools.

“Having consistency makes a big difference when you want to do something at a trust-wide level. We wanted to be able to communicate with


the schools on one platform and for there to be collaboration and consistency of teaching resources between schools in the trust.” “We’re hoping that this consistency will have a positive impact on teaching and learning and will help to raise attainment. Especially in our primary schools, we’re hoping that having the same tools in primary will help transition to secondary schools and in turn support the raising of literacy levels.”

For more information on HumanEyes Technologies and RM, please go to: 

January 2018

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