Planning your visit to Bett 2018


n our second feature this month on Bett, we’re pleased to offer you our tips for getting the most out of your visit. With nearly 900 exhibitors ranging from household names like Microsoft and Google, to newly emerging start-ups, there is so much variety in the companies that are transforming education.

The aim for Bett 2018 is to share experiences of bringing technology to the classroom, giving educators and school leaders the practical tools and insight to ensure that the education they provide is preparing students for jobs of the future.

The massive list of exhibitors combined with the jam-packed speaker schedule is likely to make your head spin with so many enticing options! We’ve had a go at breaking it down and highlighting some of the most interesting and practical of these:

Content and Features • STEAM Village is an area of inspiration for educators, techies and students to get ‘hands- on’ and develop skills to take back to the classroom. This part of the show is all about ‘learning through play’ in a friendly and relaxed environment. Skills in the STEAM subjects are what the world is demanding, so to make sure you keep up, we’ve got amazing offerings from exciting edtech companies, sharing why their solutions will encourage your students to pick up steam.

• Bett Futures returns for a third year in a row to showcase the ‘best in class’ edtech start-ups from around the world. Bett Futures provides a platform for educators and leaders to explore emerging learning technologies and methodologies. Discover the newest, boldest and most inventive products set to make a real impact on the future of education! These companies may be starting small, but their ideas are big and sure to be game changers! Take the opportunity to feedback exactly how you feel they would and could benefit your learning environment.

• Connect@Bett: To support the invaluable networking opportunities that Bett offers, Bett’s new tool, Connect@Bett, helps visitors make the most of their time over the four days of the event, making it easier for them search for appropriate exhibitors, set up meetings and use the dedicated Connect@Bett lounge for meetings or a quiet corner for a coffee.

Must-See Exhibitors • Avantis: Avantis Education is back at Bett showcasing its award-winning classroom technology from LearnPad tablets and wirelessly charged Laptops to the ground-breaking ClassVR. ClassVR is designed specifically to help raise engagement and increase knowledge retention for students of all ages through virtual and augmented reality. Introducing a whole new concept in educational technology, ClassVR comes complete with ‘standalone’ Virtual Reality headsets, a unique student- friendly interface, gesture controls, embedded educational resources and simple-to-use teacher controls. Visit them on Stand C215 and talk to some of their Pioneer School teachers that have seen incredible outcomes from embedding VR and AR into their lessons. Try out their rich bank of educationally focused VR and AR activities and immerse yourself in their engaging “Trenches experience” – commemorating the centenary of World War One, and take away one of the hugely popular FREE VR viewer headsets too!

• Mrs Wordsmith: Mrs Wordsmith is a vocabulary programme that combines data science and Hollywood creativity to make


learning the 10,000 words students need for academic success more efficient and fun. With its team of Cambridge machine learning experts, Mrs Wordsmith has identified the 10,000 challenging words that students need to learn by the age of 17. These words support comprehension, writing, analytical skills, and drive achievement across the curriculum. Each word is hilariously illustrated by the Hollywood artist behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania. Words are taught through collocations or word pairs - this is a research- based method of boosting reading and writing fluency. Mrs Wordsmith’s first product is its “Storytelling Journey,” which covers up to 1,500 storytelling words across six themes, including character, setting, actions and emotions. Having taken British schools by storm with its consumer product, Mrs Wordsmith is unveiling at Bett its official schools package.

• Piota: Parental communication has evolved over recent years, from the time-consuming process of sending letters home with each student, to an increasingly digital approach. But for busy teachers and parents this has become overly complex and time-consuming. With 95 per cent of parents owning a smartphone and regularly using apps, Piota is an easy to use customisable school app welcomed by schools across the UK, to streamline communication, cut costs and save time. Schools using the Piota app can get a quick message out in five minutes. As Russell King, assistant principal of Passmores Academy in Harlow, Essex, explains, “We started to recognise that our system was just too complex for the relationship we wanted to build with our parents. In rethinking our approach to parental communication, we made the decision to move away from formal and complex, to a simple but highly functional and effective app; Piota.”

• StudyTracks: You never forget a song lyric - imagine if instead of Prince's Purple Rain, you could trigger and recall subject content just as quickly and easily - that's StudyTracks. An award-winning innovation that takes the curriculum and puts it to music to drive engagement, retention and achievement in and out of the classroom, StudyTracks is launching its brand-new Schools Platform; allowing

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