Talented Abbey College students raise money for charity

Students at Abbey College Manchester recently showcased an exceptional array of talent at their winter concert.

The city centre-based college held the annual show at the Unitarian Chapel on Cross Street, in aid of local charity, Mustard Tree.

The Mustard Tree is committed to transforming the lives of those living in Greater Manchester who are trapped in homelessness or poverty. The charity works to help the individuals to gain the skills that they need to reach their full potential.

During the evening, the chapel was awash with an abundance of singing, dancing and instrumental performances which entertained family and friends. The spectacular event displayed a high level of gift and saw the students raise £200 for the selected charity.

A Level student Lara O’Donoghue gave a duo of impressive performances, one of which was a beautiful rendition of ‘Blue Christmas’ accompanied by two fellow students, one on the piano and saxophone, and another on the guitar. Principal Liz Elam commented: “The Winter Concert is the perfect opportunity for the students to showcase their musical creativity in front of their friends and family, and it is a great way to raise money for a good cause.”

Parkfield School’s new gym hall creates sports leaders

2018 is off to a healthy start for Parkfield pupils in their brand-new gym hall.

Parkfield, Bournemouth’s only free school, moved into its new premises in Hurn in September 2017 and all year groups are making use of impressive facilities which also include a dance studio, outdoor tennis courts, netball courts and a football pitch. Head of PE Kim Taylor, said: “Pupils are enjoying lessons in sports including gymnastics, basketball, handball, badminton, cricket and volleyball. And there is also a climbing frame in the smaller hall for primary gymnastics classes.

“The sports hall is a fantastic resource and can also be used for whole school events.”

Parkfield caters for children aged four-16 and encourages cross age-group learning in all subjects, including PE.

Ms Taylor explained: “Our primary pupils benefit from additional PE lessons led by our secondary school pupils, while our secondary students all get the opportunity to complete a Sports Leader qualification which helps them to learn communication skills, leadership and people management techniques.”

Southwark Council celebrates its scholars

Scholars past and present joined Council Leader Peter John and Cabinet Member for Children and Schools Cllr Victoria Mills just before Christmas to celebrate another successful year of the Southwark Scholarship scheme. Since the scheme began in 2011, it has helped more than 70 people enrol in higher education. In 2017 14 young people from Southwark were able to go to university thanks to the scheme.

The scholarship supports young people who have an excellent academic record of achievement, made a positive contribution to their local communities and have a combined household income of less than £25,000. One scholar who has benefitted from the scheme is Leanne. Leanne joined the scheme in September 2014 and studies at St George’s University of London. Next year, Leanne will also represent the UK as one of the Queen’s Young Leaders for 2018. Alongside this, Leanne has also set up ‘Leanne’s Amazing Medics’ a six- week programme for school children designed to increase the self- confidence of students from ethnic minorities and disadvantaged backgrounds. It introduces students to medics from similar backgrounds and provides them with detailed understanding of what the field of medicine entails.

George joined the scheme in 2015 and is in his third year at University College London. While at university he co-founded Motivez, an event discovery app that helps young people find personal development and networking opportunities according to their interests. George has also been recognised by the Royal Academy of Engineering as one of the 35 most outstanding engineering undergraduates in the UK.


Cllr Victoria Mills, Cabinet Member for Children and Schools said: “It has been fantastic to hear about everything the young people involved in the Southwark Scholarship Scheme have achieved. It is amazing to hear the impact that the scholarship scheme has had on these young people’s lives. For some, they would not have been able to go to university without it.” scheme

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