teachers to control homework, tests and more through a simple and effective CMS. With more than 800 songs and a wide range of subjects, visit them on stand E51 to join the 165,000 students and teachers already part of the revolution.

• TTS Group: Tablet computers to support learning and teaching have become commonplace in lots of schools. Their use often starts with educational websites and apps. To help schools widen their use of tablets and get greater value from them, TTS has put together a range of tablet-friendly kit. There is a suite of robotics products to help develop Computing skills. These include Bee-Bot’s cousin Blue-Bot. Blue-Bot is a Bluetooth connecting robot which can be controlled from an App. There is also InO-Bot, TinkerBots and Cublets, which can all be programmed from a tablet. For schools wishing to further develop scientific enquiry there is the TTS Bluetooth Datalogger and the Easi-Scope wireless microscope. For language and audio work there is Easi-Speak Bluetooth and the TTS Wireless Outdoor Speaker. To round the range off, there is the Wi-Fi connecting Sports Camera and the TTS Wireless Visualiser.

Noteworthy Speakers • Baroness Beeban Kidron will join Lord Jim Knight to chat about current trends in schools, and the opportunities that technology can offer the generation who will soon shape society in their image.

• Cressida Cowell, the author-illustrator of the number one bestselling book series How to Train Your Dragon, joins a panel to discuss how to spark a love of writing in young people, and whether the art of the written word is at risk in the digital age.

• Natasha Kaplinsky, one of the UK’s leading broadcasters, hosts a session with six students

from Europe and the United Kingdom, sharing their thoughts on today’s technology, and how instructional practices should evolve to meet the changing needs of students.

• Phil Reiger, Dean for Educational Initiatives & CEO at Arizona State University, shares his experience in paving a new way forward for digitally immersive education programmes and, with it, a new model for tuition fees.

Unmissable Sessions • Ethical hackers: turning the tables on the cybercriminals targeting education: This insight-led session will show how the possibility and promise of the Internet of Things overshadows the omnipresent threats that many connected computers, servers and mobile devices. As the role of data grows, and with the oncoming GDPR juggernaut, it’s only by looking at the world of information and security differently, can school and university leaders everywhere face up to their responsibilities to learners and their families to capture, manage and store their data safely and securely. BlackBerry’s Director of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacker-in-Chief James McDowell will also demonstrate the ease of hacking an IOT enabled device live on stage.

• Filling the digital literacy void: free tools for creative communication: How do you help close the digital skills gap for students, foster creativity, and develop digital literacy in your classroom, while following a national curriculum? Adobe invites you to learn how schools can leverage fun, free, and innovative tools designed to build much needed visual communication and digital literacy skills. Adobe's Ben Forta will partner with a local teacher to show you how educators the world over are using free Adobe Spark to help their students develop the critical digital and creative skills they need.

• Perseverance: surviving failure and overcoming adversity is core to innovation: Drawing on a range of backgrounds including 16 years as a commodity trader with BP, six years with the Royal Marines Reserve, scaling a successful start-up, and now launching Gravity, the founder, Richard Browning, will share his take on resilience and perseverance, in the pursuit of breaking new ground. Gravity launched its world first 1000bhp Flight Suit in April 2017 and went on to create a global media storm: 38 events across 13 countries, a Silicon Valley investment deal, and its passion- led venture into the supposedly impossible, is now a revenue-generating $20m aeronautical innovation business. But it was less about light bulb moments and more a case of making relentless failure survivable.

• Using Virtual Reality for deeper learning: This seminar will explain how students at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School use VR to help them become immersive storytellers, creating 360-degree virtual tours, and finding new ways to solve problems using project-based learning. He will present how they’re working with tech companies such as Intel, HP, HTC and Microsoft. The students, who author their projects in Unity, a VR content development platform, are collaborating with CoSpaces, have Skype sessions with industry experts and follow the work of tech entrepreneurs. Students are owning their own learning and benefiting from linking the classroom with the tech industry, leading to a deeper level of learning and developing skills for the workforce.

Bett 2018 will run over four days, from 24 to 27 January 2018 at ExCeL, London. For more information, to find out more about the programme of content and to register for your free pass, visit:

January 2018 31

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