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ROUND UP ry bright sparks raise the standard at national final The 2017 SkillFRIDGE cycle re cy reached its pinnacle at The Skills Showfro rom16-18November

my career. I’d definitely say to others considering the competition to give it a go!”

The purpose of the SkillFRIDGE competition series is to help young engineers fulfil their potential and uphold vital industry standards. SkillFRIDGE proj

oject managerMark Forsyth says:

“We strive to develop these people, not just in terms of their skills, but also in terms of their work ethic. It’s something that they can take away and use to develop their emotional

intelligence and solve the problems they’re faced with in the industry.”

All of the competing apprentices have noted that through the competition, training days and the opportunity to talk one-on-one with industry experts they have gained valuable experience, knowledge and confidence.

Silver medal winner Orlando Rawlings, who is employed by Daikin UK, comments: “I know what the standard of a good engineer is now, and it’s been a good challenge.”


selection of the UK’s top apprentices studying up to Level 3 RACHP qualified for the national SkillFRIDGE final during a series of regional heats. Unfortunately Chandler Davison was unable to participate due to injury, leaving Jonathon Lansdowne, Orlando Rawlings, Gary McGaughey, Stephen Taylor, Jack Culhane, Conor Green and Luke Courtney to compete to be crowned SkillFRIDGE champion.

Under the watchful eye of a judging panel comprised of industry experts, the seven finalists were tasked with showcasing the knowledge they have gained throughout their apprenticeships in challenges that tested their pipework, brazing, electrical and commissioning skills. The judging panel was comprised of

competition project managerMark Forsyth; Derek

Davies, technical consultant at EABS/IOM3 and associate consultant at BSI Standards ACP Program; Ian Lemmon, field technical support engineer/trainer at HRP Ltd; Keith Nich and consultant at KDSR Training; Nath

technician at Toshiba Air Conditioning; Roger Smith, product manager refrigerants at A-GAS and Jason Canning, managing director at NBC (Air Conditioning) Ltd.

All of this year’s competitors deserve credit for their participation in what has been a hotly contested series, as noted by judge Keith Nichols: “All of the competitors were at a very, very good level so we were really pleased.”

The organisers of SkillFRIDGE are now

delighted to reveal that Jack Culhane of Eastleigh College was the winner of this year’s gold medal. The silver accolade was earnt by GaryMcGaughey of South Eastern Regional College, whilst Grimsby College’s Orlando Rawlings clinched the bronze award. A highly commended was also awarded to Jonathon Lansdowne, who attends Glasgow College.

SkillFRIDGE gold medal winner Jack Culhane, employed by Gelidus AC, comments on his win: “I’m so happy to have won because it makes all of the time and effort I’ve put in to training and learning at college and work worth it. It’s been a great opportunity to demonstrate my skills, and now I have a big achievement to show for it.” Jack continues: “There were so many people that entered to compete in SkillFRIDGE, so to be crowned as the gold medal winner was amazing. I think it’s a great thing to have on my CV which will hopefully open doors for me going forward in

December 2017 2017 www

Highly commended Jonathon Lansdowne, of Technical Retail Services, says: “It’s a challenging competition but if you can handle that challenge it’s a great chance to get yourself out there. It’s helped me with problem-solving and time management.”

an Ormson, ols, trainer

Look ng to the future Looking to the futurei

After an incredibly successful competition cycle, preparations are already underway for a refreshed series in 2018. SkillF partner (COP) mana

ger Karena Cooper says: “The RIDGE competition operating

SkillFRIDGE competition series is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. The level of our competitors is improving year on year, and we’ve got some exciting things in store for the next cycle to move in line with our changing industry.”

With registration for the 2018 cycle opening on 1 January, training providers are encouraged to

excel in the competi start identifying the

tion and benefit greatly from students that they feel will

this unique learning opportunity.

Training providers and companies thatwish to get involvedwith the 2018 SkillFRIDGE series are encouraged to contact Karena Cooper on 01622 699 150 or at 43

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