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It offers a quick, precise build of slick interlocking parts, a quality finish wood surface and smart use of robust plastics for weight optimisation and durability.

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of the product offer and there are three standard starter packages, STAGE ONE, STAGE TWO and STAGE THREE, pre- selected according to the likely usage profile. The modular nature of the system means it can be re-ororiented, for example, ffo from a stage to a catwalk and children will be able to handle, mo ve and assemble the system as part of the learning experience.

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Gratnells believes that being ‘on-stage’ either as an individual or part of a group is one of the most valuable experiences of children’s lives, fostering a sense of confidence, rewarding excellence with a place in the spotlight and making the very best of group activities for perfofor producers, backstage crew and teachers too.

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Facilitating performing arts is part of the Gratnells mission and Managing Director Murray Hudson sa Murray Hudson says that too extends beyond the perforormers.

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“Presenting any ‘live’ activity is a collaborative project. Staging is a

fundamental part of the process which includes sound and lighting, scenery, costumes, direction and production.

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Our products are developed and produced to a unique design with quality and

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The stage itself offers that extra dimension of focus and attention which makes it Gratnells STAGEAG is a natural s mis

extension of the company’s mission to enhance, enrich and enliven the learning environment for both teachers and pupils.

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perforormance in mind but it’s really what they help children to do and achieveo do and achie v that makes our worork so rewarding. From arts and crafts to computers and science Gratnells products help children to organise, display, present, arrange and retain the best of their worork.”


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Gratnells has launched its on-line 3D planning tool that allows you to build any STAGE combination, including steps, rails and trims and get an instant price which can be ffo can be forwarded to Gratnells as an order.

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