BETT 2018

BETT 2018

accommodate up to ten classrooms (30 students in each class) at a time accessing the network.

ITSI (Stand B111): ITSI blends e-books with an integrated platform to share resources and user- generated content in order to save educators time and provide learners with personalised curriculum materials. From digital

textbooks, through a device agnostic app known as miEbooks, to analysis of assessment results, the company wants rigour of traditional

textbooks with the flexibility to combine the academic

of technology. ITSI allows videos, images and annotations to be inserted into textbooks and enables insight into student learning behaviour to help teachers assess, support and personalise learning through adaptation of resources to match students’ needs. This year at Bett, ITSI will be providing a teacher with a trip of a

lifetime, exploring South Africa’s heritage and education system and offering first-hand experience of how technology is transforming classrooms in Africa. Visitors will be entered into the draw when they book a free demo with ITSI before or during Bett.

GetMy Grades (stand A451) enables students to learn, revise, assess and track their way

through their English, maths and science courses. Real-time access to current working grades and course progress also increases engagement from schools, teachers, parents and tutors. Its AI software allows students to learn content and revise using realistic questions which are automatically differentiated. The questions are designed based on cutting-edge research to increase student accountability, reduce teacher workload and improve parental engagement. The resource launches in January 2018 with free

access until the end ofMarch 2018 and ,

discounts for institutions that sign up within this period.

Piota (stand H80) has developed customisable school apps to capitalise on the majority of parents owning a smartphone and to support parental engagement in education.With the Piota school app, schools can send messages, notifications and alerts directly to parents’ phones or tablets, in real time. It was also created to provide a reference point for parents, hosting information for events, term dates, news and more. The apps are built for any school or academy chain, are free to download and aim to improve communication, cut costs, reduce administration and save school’s time.

Scrum@school (stand D443) provides a teaching tool that contributes to student collaboration and the differentiation within a classroom. Companies all over the world use Scrum as a highly effective project management method. Scrum@school is the educational adaptation of Scrum, developed in the Netherlands. The focus is on teamwork, in- depth learning and personal development. Students collaborate in teams of four in a productive manner, using their own Scrumboard to track their progress. They work harder, spend their time more effectively and deliver in time. Due to the repeated feedback loops, they become more critical of their work, learn deeper and perform better. As team members, they develop their soft skills and an agile mindset.

Empatico (stand FS22), an initiative of The KIND Foundation, is in the early stages of creating a free tool for teachers to connect their students to classrooms around the world using seamless

video conferencing technology Activities are standards-based and designed to promote meaningful interactions and positive perceptions. As students learn together, they explore their similarities and differences with curiosity and kindness and develop practical communication and leadership skills.


Think IT (stand B216) helps schools to make simple and educated decisions when it comes to buying edtech. Through its EU tendered ICT procurement framework portal, Think IT provides impartial guidance for schools to find, buy and implement the right IT solutions for them.With procurement frameworks being one of the DfE recommended routes for schools, the team will be on hand at Bett to offer advice and answer any edtech questions.

LocknCharge (stand E90) will launch its brand- new Putnam 16 Charging Station focusing on convenience, effectiveness, and space saving in the classroom. In collaboration with Putnam City Schools, the Putnam was developed to individually store, charge and secure up to 16 iPad or tablet devices.

It comes pre-wired with

perfectly sized cables, and with a colour-coded LED status display for each slot, so teachers can recognise if devices are charging or ready to use. Built with an integrated mechanical combination lock the charging station includes a master override key for school administrators in case of forgotten combinations.

Bett 2018will run over four days, from24 to 27 January

ry 2018 at ExCeL, London. Formore

information, to find outmore about the programme of content and to register for your free pass, visit:ww

28 www

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