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R OUND U P Orlando Rawlings, silvermedalwinner fromthe 2017 SkillFRIDGE cy

“For Orlando, he now embarks on a further five weeks of intensive competition training aimed at further developing his technical and emotiona l intelligence in order to find success as part of Team UK at the Skills Olympics in Kaz an, Russia. ”

A shining example to the next generation The 2019WorldSkills international final will be taking place from 22-27 August, with countries sending their elite teams to t Kazan to do battle and go for bronze, gold across no less than 56 different skills disciplines.

A shining example to the next generation

silver and he city of over 60

streamed around the world including the UK, changing the careers and lives of those who compete.

The event will be shown live on TV and ,


rlando, who works for Daikin UK and studied at Grimsby Institute, will join the UK’s

brightest apprentices and students to make up Team UK, representing the United Kingdom in the ‘Skills Olympics’ atWorldSkills Kazan 2019. More than 30 young professionals have made the cut, hailing from a broad range of sectors including engineering, hospitality, professional services, constructi on, digital and IT .

Life-changing opportunity Life-changing opportunity

Speaking on the significance of the international skills contest, Neil Bentley-Gockmann, chief executive ofWorldSkills UK, said: “Think Olympic Games – but much economic future of

TheWorldSkills international finals occur on a biennial basis. 2017’s Abu Dhabi-based contest saw Team UK finish in an impressive 10th place, with this year’s ambitious cohort of talented finalists no doubt hoping to achieve an even better result.

Mr Bentley-Gockmann said: “I couldn’t be more proud of these extraordinary young people who will be on the plane to Russia. They have worked tirelessly for weeks, months and years to be the best – they are a shining example to the next generation. Let’s celebrate their spirit, commitment, and success.

“We are not only giving young people the opportunity to reach their full potential but we also believe that, working with them, we can transfer the insights gained from competing against other countries into the wider UK

the United Kingdom. This is a more important to the

life-changing opportunity for all those involved.” The rigorous Team UK selection process took place from 5-7March at Nottingham College, where Orlando was joined by SkillFRIDGE 2016 gold medallist and fellowWorldSkills Kazan 2019 hopeful, Luke Courtney of Cross Refrigeration NI. Following their re national SkillFRIDGE

cycles, both had undergone spective successes in the

25 days of intensive skills training on work organisation, comm installation, and des to the final two-day year.

push to make it to Russia this ign and commissioning, prior unication, service and

Head SkillFRIDGE judgeMark Forsyth said of the results: “Luke offered a magnificent challenge throughout the event and is to be commended for his achievements. Luke will remain an ambassador for RACHP skills competitions and hopefully support future talent in Northern Ireland.

Apri l 2019 2019

economy, driving up training standards for young people to world-class levels, giving a much- needed boost to productivity. ”

SkillFRIDGE 2019 is heating u p SkillFRIDGE 2019 is heating up

With registration for the 2019 SkillFRIDGE cycle now closed, the regional heats will soon be underway. Candidates who meet the necessary criteria will be invited to attend one of these heats, taking place betweenMay and August at colleges and training providers throughout the UK.

Designed by top experts in the RACHP sector, the regional competitions will involve skills challenges which put to the test theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as time management capabilities.

The industry experts – carefully chosen for their exceptional knowledge and strong track records – will be a constant presence throughout the competition, overseeing and marking the work of the competitors against stringent standards. These experts are easily accessible to the 54 www.

Align your brand with industry’s futurel With this year’s competition starting to pick up pace – and as the UK RACHP industry gets set to take its place on the global skills stage for WorldSkills Kazan 2019 – now is the time to pledge your support and align your brand with the next generation of engineers.

A ign your brandwith industry ry’s future

A range of opportunities are available for thosewhowish to get involved. To discover howsponsoring or supporting SkillFRIDGE can benefit your brand, contact Karena Cooper on 01622 699150 or at

ry on theworld stage: WorldSkills Kazan 2019 cycle, has been selected to represent

theUnitedKingdomat theWorldSkills international competition final in Russia later this year r..

participants, who benefit from the opportunities to learn from them and gain invaluable caree r advice.

Following the conclusion of the regional heats, the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) will recognise the competitor with the highest score overall, presenting them with a special accolade at the 2019 BESA National Awards later in the year.

Meanwhile, the six highest scoring participants from the heats will be invited to theWorldSkills UK LIVE final in November 2019, where the medallists will be de Those who score

sufficiently highly in the final termined.

will be considered to represent the UK in th e internationalWorldSkills competitions, undergoing a further selection process.

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