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EnvironmentalManagement Certification. In addition, Junckers’ products have low (E1) formaldehyde emissions under EN 14342. All Junckers floors are carbon neutral and at the end of their lives they are very easy to recycle, in contrast to materials made from fossil fuels. There are many other benefits to installing a solid hardwood sports floor in a school. Having a floor which will accommodate retractable seating can make a substantial difference to hosting events, competitions or using the hall as a hire facility to the wider community. Junckers’ Technical Department has considerable experience in implementing the necessary strengthening for the floor to cope with very heavy seating loads, whilst leaving the sprung quality of the floor unaffected. A solid hardwood floor will not be marked or damaged by the wheels, and surface “tracking” or rucking, commonly seen with synthetic surfaces, is non- existent with a Junckers floor.

Formore information howto transformyour school’s sports ormulti-purpose hallwith a safe, high performing, long lasting floor, contact Junckers:

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unckers solid hardwood sports flooring has been specified for no less than ten schools in the current Priority School Building Programme - the specification of choice for one of the UK’s leading construction and development companies.

Working closely with Junckers’ Approved Contractor PICA Floorings Ltd, the main

contractor was unequivocal in its choice of sports flooring, stating Junckers’ flooring offering better value for money for their customers as the main reason behind the multiple specifications. Following recent changes in the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s specification

recommendation, a guideline to ensure public money is well spen t as well as ensuring schools get a lasting, quality product and value for money, Area Elastic Floors, which include solid hardwood sports flooring, are now the

recommended product. Solid wood sports floors have always been regarded as a high quality choice providing a safe, high performing floor cycle costs that fall within,

and in some areas e with unbeatable life

requirements. The Government’

s £4.4 billion PSBP is in to its xceed the ESFA’s

second phase, rebuilding, refurbishing and improving school b uildings up and down the country. A vital part of the scheme is to rebuild and refurbish school sports facilities, ensuring there is ample provision for the nation’s school children. Having identified eligible schools, the ESFA appoints main contractors to carry out the work, who in turn sub-contract specialist firms to handle part of the work relevant to their


expertise. The main contractor and specialist flooring contractor follow the specification guidelines and for each of the ten schools

awarded to the main contractor, a Junckers sports flooring system has been specified.

A Junckers solid hardwood sports floor is one of the most durable surfaces available for multi- purpose sports use. All Junckers’ sports floors comply with EN 14904 with a choice of Category A3 and A4 systems. The A4 classification in fact exceeds the EFA’s minimum performance

requirement. The lifecycle cost of a Junckers floor is second to none; can be sanded and re-finished eight to ten times during its life.With 12-year intervals between sandings, a typical lifespan of 6 0 years will comfortably be exceeded, a claim that probably no other type of sports floor can match. Compared with a typical 15-year life of a synthetic or “engineered” floor there really is no comparison in terms of life cycle cost. Taking advantage of Junckers’ Approved Contractors maintenance scheme ensures periodic inspections of the floor are made. The school will also receive regular advice on care and cleaning which will keep the floor in optimum condition throughout its life.

A hardwood floor is one of the most

e nvironmentally friendly sports flooring finishes you could hope to find. All Junckers’ timber is from properly managed forests with FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification. Timber is harvested from old, established forest areas, which are constantly replanted. Junckers floors are BREEAMA+ rated in the BRE Green Guide and have EMAS 111 and ISO 14001

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