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alesian School is an Ofsted rated Outstanding school in Chertsey, Surrey. They are dedicated to providing first class teaching and learning, following their motto of ‘enlightening minds and uplifting hearts’; Salesian School is a community where a friendly atmosphere is fostered.

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I can see all my homework and when it’s due in, so now, I rarely ever forget to complete a piece! It’s also really handy having homework accessible on an app because it’s easy to use and I can access my homework at any place or any time.

Knowledge is power, especially for parents, Parent

Knowledge is power, especially for parents, Parent

ShowMy Homework has given me a clear view of the homework my child receives so I’m able to help guide them on how to manage their time and organise tasks. Seeing the homework tasks they’re set means I also have a better

understanding of the work they’re completing in school. It also makes completing homework more efficient as everything is in one place and saves searching through various resources .

Minimise stress,maximise confidence, Head of Year 11

The use of ShowMy Homework has meant that the time previously spent writing down

Salesian School’s Success Story Salesian School’s Success Story ry

Salesian School first came on board with Show My Homework in April 2014 in a bid to help students develop their independence and

resilience through the management of homework via the ShowMy Homework app.

Four years on, we revisited Salesian School to see how our software has impacted their whole school:

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Homework on students’ terms, Year 8 Student

dents’ terms, Year 8 I like using ShowMy Homework because it means

homework details during class time is drastically reduced, but the biggest change I’ve noticed since using the product is in the children. As all homework is displayed to them in detail, their understanding of topics is better as is their confidence, but most importantly students are less stressed.

Outstanding homework makes outstanding students, Assistant Headteacher We believe in the importance of home home-learning is a means through wh

can be both consolidated and extended.Well- planned homework with excellent feedback can

Outstanding homeworkmakes outstanding students, Assistant Headteacher

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To find out how ShowMy Homework can reduce teacher workload, improve parental communication and increase homework hand in rates, or to learn more about our seating, behaviour and timetable modules, please visit Team Satchel.


Minimise stress, maximise confidence, Head of Year 11

greatly enhance the learning experience of a child. It also assists in building vital character traits such as discipline, resilience and rigour. The implementation of ShowMy Homework has

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