Mental health resilience: by young people - for young people

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After recovering her health and happiness, Jade (now 14) has dedicated herself to fighting the tween & teen mental health crisis. She has reached out to young people by visiting schools, telling her story and inspiring and empowering st udents to believe in themselves and f ollow their dreams, whatever they may be.

Jade has now delivered her inspirational assembly presentation at over 60 primary and secondary schools. Her message of hope, resilience, persistence and being brave to follow our dreams has been heard by over 20,000 students to date. Jade has been endorsed by and become an ambassador for Plymouth & DistrictMIND and was shortlisted (top 8 out of 25,000 nominations) for a National Diversity Award as a Positive Role Model for young people.

Jade is now receiving invitations from more schools in the UK than she can possibly visit. The need for schools to support student mental health is so pressing and critical, that she has decided to creat e BRIGHT PROGRAM.

BRIGHT PROGRAMis a stand-alone resource for schools, that teachers can use to build tween/teen mental health resilience. It contains videos of Jade’s inspirational speeches which destigmatize tween/teen mental health and inspire positivity and self-worth. A workshop guide, quizzes and other resources then support teachers to further explore and develop these themes. Jade’s inspirational story and her ability to connect to young people to develop mental health resilience is now available to all schools in the UK.

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Mental health resi lience: by young people - for young people

ADHD and struggled at school between the ages of 9-13. led to anxiety and and an eating

PTES launches hedgehog education packs for primary schools

PTES launches hedgehog education packs for primary schools

Wildlife charity People’s Trust for Endangered

Species (PTES) has launched a series of fun and interactive hedgehog

education packs for schools and teachers, aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils. From ‘homes for hogs’ to ‘bug banquets’, these resources will help pupils learn all

about the world of hedgehogs and how small changes made at school and/or at home, can make a big difference.

The activities on offer include learning about hedgehogs, preparing bug banquets, designing hedgehog houses, identifying hedgehog hazards to look out for and discovering what makes a healthy hedgehog resources cover a variety of national curriculum subj


such as science and dinner. These free

art & design and includes programmes of study, which can be carried out come rain or shine, inside a classroom or outside in the playground! Designed to be used by teachers and other educational leaders including those running kids’ clubs, Scouts and Girl Guides and, although the activities are aimed at primary aged children (5-11 years), each can be adapted to suit the group being taught. The activities are mainly science-based, but also include elements from other subjects such as P.E., art, maths and citizenship, so whether your pupils are mad about maths or sports superstars, there’s something for everyone! ,

Coventry singing student set to hit the high notes at top London music school

Coventry ry singing student

set to hit the high notes at top Londonmusic school

A talented young singer from Coventry is setting off on the next step of her journey after securing offers from a number of top music schools . Rachel Oshakuade, originally from County Louth in Ireland, moved to the city two years ago and began crafting her unique talent on Coventry College’s level 3 musical theatre course.

of Contem through th Inspired


She is now hoping to forge a career as a singer, songwriter and performer, with three years at the famous music school ahead of her starting in September.

Rachel has also received offers from the University ofWinchester an d London College of CreativeMedia .

Rachel has performed in choirs since a young age and taken part in numerous performances at school and college, with the Coventry College musical theatre group set to perform Little Shop of Horrors onMay 8th and 9th.

Laura Johnson, ProgrammeManager for Creative & Performing Arts, said: “Rachel has been such an incredible student to teach.

“Her ambition and focus

EmilyWinstone Website and Outreach Officer at PTE S says: “Hedgehogs are in real trouble – in the last 10 years hedgehogs have declined by at least half in the countryside and by a third in our towns and cities. By engaging with more schools and educational groups (and therefore the conservationists of the future) we hope to not only ‘spike’ more interest in hedgehogs, but together bring them back.” 1 2 www www

make her a great role model for other students and her success proves that these qualities can take you where you want to go. “We were all crossing our fingers when she went for the audition, we had helped her with booking trains and finding the venue so when we found out how well it went, we were delighted.”

www.coventry April 2019 2019

by jazz and gospel music, Rachel, 18, has grown as a performer e course and is now ready to set off to the award-winning Institute poraryMusic Performance (ICMP) in the capital after a successful

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