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ltro Serenade™acoustic flooring has been used throughout the new £17 million Reach Free School, in Rickmansworth, providing the highest level of sound reduction and comfort underfoot. The newly-constructed school has created places for 840 secondary level students in a cutting-edge environment. Architect ADP created a very modern design for the school, and reducing noise throughout the new building was a priority.

Altro Serenade flooring was recommended by Horizontal Limited, which installed the product.MD Jonathan Bown explained: “We needed a floor that not only had a high acoustic rating, but was also great looking, hard wearing, stylish, contemporary and very comfortable underfoot. I have been working with Altro for nearly 25 years and I knew they had a product that would fit the bill and that quality would be guaranteed.

The new Reach Free School was built byWillmott Dixon. Senior Surveyor Iain Charnley com “We work closely with Altro and have a long-term supply agreement with them, so we know trusted and professional company. Their ability to suppl y us with Altro Serenade quickly was v ital and enabled us to complete the project on time under very tight deadlines. Their overall service and co- operation with us was also superb.

Richard Booth, Headteacher at The Reach Free School, is thrilled with his new school and how the Altro flooring is contributing to the look and feel of the space.

He said: “The school looks wonderful, the students and staff are very happy, and I must say that everyone who comes to look around comments on the flooring more than anything else. They assume it’s carpet, because it looks so smart, and they are astounded when I tell them it’s vinyl. The floor has pattern to it, which not only makes it look great, but it helps to hide marks. In terms of overall quality, it really is a huge cut above the other vinyl flooring we were looking at.

“In terms of comfort and noise reduction Altro Serenade is really helping, and anything that damps down the volume that the students create here is a huge plus for wellbeing.We find that furniture doesn’t mark the flooring, which means we can be so much more flexible in arranging the int ernal spaces without fear of damaging the flooring.

“It cleans very well too, and comes up like new every time. I would recommend this flooring to anyone that wants a hard-wearing, great looking modern solution that also helps to reduce noise an d increase comfort in the environment. ”


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T GUNNING deliversmajor re at Stewart W

rt House

hen the University of London was looking to refurbish Stewart House, in the heart of Bloomsbury, it needed a specialist contractor it could trust. As such, it turned to Chartered Building Company T Gunning to deliver a range of internal refurbishment and lighting upgrade work that has helped transform a tired office space into a bright and vibrant working environment. Responsibility for the refurbishment fell to BartMichalski, Space Proj Manager at the University of London. The contract was tendered, and after careful evaluation and interview, including reference to each company’s environmental and recycling credentials, T Gunning was selected. The task was to refurbish four floors of the building, on the corner of Russell Square in London, virtually from top to bottom. T Gunning approached the project by dividing the work into eight phases, appointing an experienced contract manager – NickWatson – to work directly with the client in prioritising which areas to tackle first.

ojects Floors were laid with new carpet tiles, walls and ceilings redecorated, and

windows, internal glazing and radiators cleaned. For the walls, a Dulux DiamondMatt paint was chosen for its durability and environmental qualities, and being water based, it is also easier to clean and wipe down. Doors, which were in an unintentionally distressed condition, were stripped back to bare wood, primed and each given two coats of paint to appear factory finished. As well as the offices, all of the toilets were also to be refurbished, with new non-slip floors from Altro and a combination of tiles andWhiterock, a wall claddi fit than tra

ditional tiles on larger wall areas, and ng favoured for its hygienic qualities.

It is also quicker and easier to considerably easier to clean.

The lift lobby areas were also redecorated and new lighting installed to make them more welcoming for visitors and staff. Energy saving LED lights replaced halogen lights, creating a much brighter space while consuming significantly less energy.

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