LEAF launches Farming Fortnight: A twoweek-long celebration of farming and food production in schools

A wide range of engaging national curriculum linked resources and materials have been

Leading agricultural education organisation, LEAF Education is launching a brand-new initiative to inspire young people about farming, food production and the natural environment. Farming Fortnight (3rd to 14th June 2019), developed by LEAF Education in partnership with Brockhill Park Performing Arts College in Kent,

what it delivers and the many and varied career schools across the UK shine a light on farming, will see hundreds of primary and secondary

opportunities available in the sector.

developed for schools to download. Topic sheets, lesson plans, case studies and videos will explore different farming sectors and support teachers in delivering inspiring lessons around food and farming. Each day of the campaign has its own farming theme and accompanying social media hashtag – ranging from arable farming (#TractorTuesday), the sheep industry (#WoollyWednesday) through to fruit and vegetable production (#TastyTuesday) to careers in farming (#FutureFarming). Schools and students will be encouraged to share their learning experiences on social media.

Donna Ashlee, Assistant Principal at Brockhill Park Performing Arts College said:

“At Brockhill we are passionate about teaching students where food comes from and enhancing

oject. Having a dedicated two-week long focus on farming has real potential to inspire young minds, create opportunities and bring about real change to how future generations think about and engage in farming.”

Farming Fortnight runs from the 3rd to 14th June 2019. It is free for schools to get involved and all campaign resources are available from: farmingfo

fa fortnight

ukactive calls for government to stop disadvantaged childre being ‘left behind’ by summer holiday lockout

ukactive has presented government with proposals to unlock school

adults disagree that there are enough youth facilities inequalities, with new research showing that around facilities over the summer holidays in order to reduce

young people (74%).

The not-for-profit health body presented the plans at 10 Downing Street on Thursday 2ndMay, alongside former England Rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio, Paralympian Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and ex- criminal turned Nike athlete JohnMcAvoy.

The delegation also included Dr RosieMeek, Professor of Criminological Psychology at Royal Holloway University; Steve Howell, Headteacher of the City of Birmingham School, England’s largest pupil referral unit; Adrian Packer, Chief Executive of CORE Education Trust; and Paula Robertson, Operations Director of Dallaglio RugbyWorks.

The survey, conducted by ukactive with ComRes, also found that almost four in five Britons say there are a lack of places for children and young people to be physically active during the school holidays (77%).

Research by ukactive shows that children and young people suffer a loss in fitness levels of up to 80%over the summer holidays, with the fitness of

three-quarters of UK child health

for children and ren

those from low-income families falling 18 times faster than their more affluent peers.

ukactive’s pioneering ‘Schools as Community Hubs’ delivery model asks government to unlock school facilities for children and young people over the holidays, introducing local activity providers to host subsidised clubs offering activities in a fun, social and safe environment.

The clubs, which were piloted successfully at 24 schools across England andWales in 2018, offer activities from a range of local providers and tailored by age group, including sports, games and performing arts classes, as well as nutritious lunches.

ukactive Chair Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson said: “Millions of

forced to choose between days spent in front of children are being let down and left behind over

corners. “We are ignoring invaluable community assets sitting right on our

to give every child the opportunity for a healthy, doorstep – school facilities – which should be un ww

locked during the holidays happy summer.”

the summer holidays – a screen or on street

outdoor learning experiences.We are really proud of all the great resources our students have developed to support Farming Fortnight. Their ideas, enthusiasm and practical farming experiences on the school farm really shines through in all the learning materials and it has been wonderful to see them really get behind the proj

StMary Redcliff

ffe Primary School in Bristol first to partake in "Energy in Schools" initiativewith Samsung

unique energy management system that shows real-time energy usage, pricing and carbon emissions data using the Samsung SmartThings kit and smart meter sensors installed throughout the school. The initiative is designed to engage and support school facility managers, energy champions and procurers to get a better

Samsung Electronics has announced that StMary Redcliffe Primary School in Bristol will be one of the first pilot schools to take part in its Energy in Schools initiative. The school will get access to a


understanding of their energy consumption and potentially save schools thousands of pounds. Pupils will be actively participating in the initiative through coding lesson plans being introduced in the classroom. Pupils will learn to programme usingMicro:bits that are connected to the school’s Samsung Smart Things platform and work on projojects collecting and visualising their own sets of data using Samsung

SmartThings sensors andMicro:bits. For example, pupils will be able to monitor and measure the temperature within the classroom to programme a light bulb to turn green when too cold, or red when it is too hot. The lessons will show teachers and pupils how coding can make the school more energy efficient in a fun, visual and engaging way. The Head Teacher at StMary Redcliffe Primary School,Marie Thomas adds, “Our children have enjoyed improved technology and opportunities to explore computing thanks to Samsung. The environmental element of the proj

oject has linked

brilliantly with our sustainability topic across the school.”

www.stmary ryredcliffe ff feprimary May 2019

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