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rusted schools brand Eureka! has launched a new range of fun learning posters designed for children from 2-12 years on its website

The “Know Your” posters cover a range of topics suited for younger children including animals, numbers, shapes, colours and seasons, as well as an older-children’s range that focuses on learning goals such as multiplication, addition and telling the time.

Printed in bright eye-catching colours the range is designed to attract and hold a child’s attention and make your learning environment look exciting and fun. There are even 3D versions to encourage child interaction within the classroom.

Posters are available in A2 & A3 formats and printed on a variety of material types from standard to heavy-duty, so you can be sure to find the most suitable version for your wall. You can even conveniently purchase a display frame if required.

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generations, and as a result are suffering from uncertainty and a distorted perception of their own success. This has led to a significant rise in reported mental health concerns and impacts on young people’s mental wellbeing.

“In order to emphasise the powerful physical sensation of anxiety we have taken some of the most powerful quotes received through our research and illustrated them in a way to bring those feelings to life. Anyone who suffers from anxiety may also be able to relate to the responses.”

Viewall 10 responses and illustrations here: https://ww

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oing away to university is often said to be the best years of a young person’s life. Yet the number of UK university students who report a mental health concern is now five times what it was ten years ago (NotBy Degrees, Institute for Public Policy Research, 2017).

In cooperation with UK mental health charities StudentMinds and Nightline, Babylon Health asked current university students with experience of anxiety to describe how it feels for them. The most

According to Dr Umang Patel, NHS paediatrician and Babylon Health powerful quotes were then turned into illustrations.

“University students across the UK today are feeling overwhelmed by Clinical Strategy Director:

pressures, such as social media, in a way that did not exist for previous May 2019 ya 14

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