ROUND UP Discover yourOutdoor Learning Room Dr Katherine Forsey, y, Gratnells Learning Rooms & STEMConsultant andOutdoor Learning Specialist

wealth of opportunities to enrich the delivery of all EYFS areas of learning, both prime and

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new to learning outdoors or xperiences.

already embracing your wild side, Gratnells Learning Rooms have put together a collection of activities to help you get the most out of your own built and natural environment.


Grab lots of different coloured trays and a few paint swatch cards picked up from your local hardware store and go on a colour hunt. Scour the grounds to find things that match the colours on your cards and pop them in your tray, they can be natural or manmade but try not to pick anything living. Try to learn the names of

everything you collect, use spotter sheets or guide books to help if you are full, count, grou

p and sort your finds into the need to.When all your trays

most appropriate coloured tray then collate your finds to create your very own ephemeral rainbow artwork.

Everyone lovesminibeasts! Dr Forsey’s Outdoor Education SmartCase B

e it an hour each day or all day, every day, time spent learning, creating and discovering outdoors has wide-ranging benefits that have been well researched and reported.

Unsurprisingly, you will see greater benefits if this learning is continuous and progressive, with regular opportunities to work outside

incorporated into planning throughout the year. But don’t worry, we are not asking you to carve time out of an already packed day to undertake

extra-curricular activities outside, we are talking about using your outdoor space to enhance and enrich your existing teaching and are here to help you create your very own Outdoor Learning Room.

This is not just about developing your children’s understanding of the world, it is about fostering wonder, improving mental and physical health, increasing engagement and being more inclusive. Use of the Outdoor Learning Room provides a

Be it log pile, pond, tree or hedge living creatures, exploring who else is inhabiting your Outdoor Learning Room provides a great platform for progressing all seven areas of learning. Keep your equipment simple, so your children can easily carry it themselves, our SmartCases are perfect for use out and about and can accommodate a wide range of kit. Download our free lesson plans for support with exploring of a range of local habitats from

Get busy blowing bubbles!

Take your Edx Education Skeletal Geo Set outdoors, make a range of 3D shapes and use them to investigate what shape makes the best bubble. Send your bubbles across your outdoor space and use chalk to mark their landing spots. Award a prize for the bubble that floats the longest distance. For the full activity plan, including bubble solution recipes, see the free BubbleWands activity on the Gratnells Learning Rooms website. https://// education-bubble-wands/ May 2019 54

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