Thismonth, in our ongoing feature highlighting thework ofmembers of the UK education suppliers’ trade body BESA,we hear aboutOUP’sOxford Impact programme, andwe find outwhat SCHOOLBOOKING’s customers are looking for in a booking programme.

The demand for evidence of impact to improve learning outcomes

demand to demonstrate that educational products and services have It has become clear over the last few years that there is an increasing

impact – or efficacy, as it is sometimes known – comes from schools a real impact on teaching and learning. This desire for proof of

and ministries of education around the world looking to improve

(OUP): “Educators want to know whether a product or service is Dr PenelopeWoolf, Head of Impact at Oxford University Press learner outcomes and make the most of limited budgets.

reading scheme engage learners? Does this maths course lead to going to deliver its intended outcome(s). For example, does this

rigorous approach to evaluating the impact of OUP’s educational In response, OUP embarked on Oxford Impact to develop a progress?”.

products and services. This was achieved through working with the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), and supported by Oxford University Department of Education.

Since the launch of Oxford Impact in 2016, we have carried out a wide range of impact studies globally, working with research experts and universities. These studies enable us to investigate the change that a product or service has had on the people that it is intended to benefit, the results of which have been very insightful.

Lift fting the lid on teaching and learning resources

One of our initial impact studies looked at whether teachers felt that Numicon, a primary maths programme, had a positive impact on children’s mathematical learning. The results demonstrated that

programme, whilst others stressed that its practical a many teachers attributed its success to the visual nat

had engaged pupils.

Another impact study was undertaken to gain an in-depth understanding of the impact that the KS3 History by AaronWilkes course (3rd Edition) had on student motivation and preparedness for study at GCSE. Teachers and Heads of History told us that the main reason for its positive impact was due to AaronWilkes’s writing style and lively approach that engages students and brings history to life. Some students even wanted to take the books home to read in their spare time! “It’s great having them turn up to lessons and be really eager to open up these books” Jo Neal, History Teacher. The feedback we get on areas for improvement is important. For example, the ‘Literacy Focus’ feature i version of KS3 History was developed in response to

customers n the new just as

asking for a greater focus on learning key historical language, vocabulary and extended writing.

Working together

Oxford Impact not only gives educators the evidence needed to select the educational resources that will have the greatest impact, it also enables us to build stronger relationships.Worki we can develop and refine our products and services

to ensure that ng with them

they continue to deliver the most positive impact on teaching and learning, both now and in the future.

To find outmore aboutOxfo Impact, visitwww Oxfo\ fordImpact 14 ford

nd tactile values ure of the

• The Resource Ogre

In the ever-increasing world of funding cuts in technology, teachers are finding that the existence of resource Ogres to be on the rise…what do they mean? what is a Resource Ogre? It seems that there is an influx of overly protective staff watching over their EdTech, keeping it firmly locked away under lock and key in their cupboard. “I purchased it using my budget, so it’s mine!”

A booking system with good controls can set free resources from the grasp of the Resource Ogre whilst also providing the level of control / accountability that they may feel is required.

• Unleashing the unknown potential

A key part of an online booking system isn’t the booking bit at all… hey? what! what did they say?

It turns out that the booking system is important, but take it back a step, it’s the shared list of “potential” that has really inspired some of our teachers.

What do they mean?

Well, how does our newly appointedMathematics teacher know what’s available for them to use? How many schools do you know that issue a list of all the available resources to new members of staff as they walk through the door? Not that many….

Being able to see a live updated list of resources available along with their availably can inspire the teachers to expand lessons to levels they

would never have had chance before. • Key facts and decisions

Going to your department head / business manager / principal asking for a resource can be hard going, but walking in with key facts makes things a lot more comfortable.What do we mean? It seems a key part of our booking system is its analytical functionality. Being able to show that the IT room was in use 70%of time for the remainder 30%solidly booked by others

chance of making the leadership think that they either need to look at the timetable or support you by funding a new room.

• There ismore too

Many staff end up planning at home – it seems to be an ever-increasing way of life, but being able to jump straight on an online booking system at 10pm and book their resources makes a huge difference! So our reviews have revealed a lot more than just how well our support team are doing, or what we can do to improve. If you would like free your resources from ogres and want SchoolBooking, then please visit our website to know more about

May 2019

Does your school have a ‘ResourceOgre’?

SchoolBooking recently surveyed its customers to understand why they were searching for a booking system. They found some of the answers to be quite surprising…

One of our key sales messages at SchoolBooking is ‘our online booking system will save your teachers time’. I’m happy to say our reviews confirm this, however digging a little deeper into the reviews we discovered there are other reasons why teachers are choosing to manage their rooms and resources with a system like SchoolBooking. Here are favourite four reasons….

will probably stand a good timetabled lessons with

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