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ith its curved profile and dust limiting wipe clean diffuser, the LED Municipal from Fitzgerald Lighting has been designed as a contemporary and attractive solution for education and healthcare establishments.

As one of the leaders in LED luminaires, Fitzgerald Lighting has developed the LEDMunicipal with a constant output driver that uses colour temperature 850 as standard (830, 840 and 865 also available) for commercial applications and saves users an impressive 66%in energy costs.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the LEDMunicipal is a durable luminaire designed for use in hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, receptions, corridors and walkways.Manufactured from mild steel in a white finish as standard, it has a stylish curved body shape and for extra security and tamper resistance, the diffuser is rigidly held in place by a screw fixed polycarbonate end cap. Designed for surface and optional corner mounting, the LEDMunicipal luminaire makes maintenance easy with its control gear tray being fully removable. Optional features can be specified including 1–10V dimming, DALI dimming and integral 3-hour maintained emergency lighting.

Made to IP44 and carrying a five year warranty, the LEDMunicipal comes in five power ratings of 11W, 22W, 33W, 44Wand 66Wwith up to 8166 lumens. The luminaires are designed to be quite compact at just 185mm wide and 100mm deep and range from 630mm to 1830mm long.

Further specification options are available, including a night light option or microwave sensing for additional energy saving. Savings can be further increased to 87%with the microwave sensor assuming 20%occupancy

in a corridor and a luminaire running at 10%light level when the area is unoccupied.

Further information on the LEDMunicipal luminaire is available from Fitzgerald Lighting.

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high degree of security and personnel safety P

Norpass3 access control softw ty


eople and vehicle access control specialist Nortech will be exhibiting at Elevate 2019, the meeting place for UK’s growing physical activity sectors at London’s ExCel on the 8-9May to introduce its innovative products to the market.

2019 is Nortech’s first time at the show and they will be demonstrating the flexibility of the Norpass access control solution, which provides a wide range of features that are ideally suited to the leisure sector.

With Norpass, access control can be provided at all access points to gyms, fitness studios, health clubs and more to ensure that only authorised members and staff can enter the premises. Nortech recommends the use of itsMifare readers and smartcards that have a dedicated secure access control sector. The benefits of using smartcards with a dedicated access control sector is greatly improved security plus the ability to issue numbered cards to members, facilitating easier card man addition, the same cards can be used for otherMifare en as vending machines and fitness management systems. Norpass3, the licence free software at the heart of the system, can run on any standard specification PC (Windo is quick and easy to set up using the built-in setup wizard.

abled facilities such agement. In sequentially

ws 7 onwards) and access control

It includes many features that are ideal for leisure centre membership access control including -

• Picture Pop-up - This enables staff to monitor people entering through a turnstile to ensure that the person entering is the valid cardholder.When an ID card is presented to the reader, the cardholder’s photo automatically appears on the screen of the operator/

access to certain areas (for example where a member is allowed the use of • Time Limited Access - A feature that automatically enforces time limited r/administration terminal.

used up their weekly allocated time, they will not be allowed access until the facility for a fixed number of hours each week). Once a member has

the start of the next week or until a staff member has granted an extension.


• Count Groups and Reporting - This feature can be used to ensure that the number of

preassigned limit (e.g.for health and safety within a restricted area does not exceed a members of a particular category present

appropriate level of supervision is available. reasons), and to make sure that the

Whenever the numbers exceed the limit, an alarm will be raised to alert staff to take action.

• Automatic Digital Video Recorder Activation - Individual ID cards can be registered on the system so their use can be monitored in real time. For example, if a card has been reported as lost or stolen, its record can be set to automatically activate a video recording of the person using that card when it is used to gain access through a certain turnstile.

Nortech will also be demonstrating the Nedap ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) solution for vehicle access management. The ANPR is fully compatible with Norpass so that it can provide a fully integrated vehicle access management system for staff and members.

Nortech has supplied products and solutions to the security industry for over 25 years as an independent British company. The company uses extensive experience and expertise to create new security products to fit their clients’ needs and designs everything with the customer in mind. Visit Nortech at Elevate 2019 on 8-9May at London‘s ExCel to find out more about the many systems available and how they can benefit the future of people and vehicle control solutions.

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emailing sales@nortechcontrol.comor by visiting the company’s website atww

Nortech is supported by Vantage PR May 2019

formation is available fromNortech on 01633 485533 or by

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