Space Saving

Wind, compact and versatile. The lift system from Salice

Wind is characterised by compactness and elegant design.

HiB – The secret to space

A combination of clever design and de-cluttering is key to maximising bathroom space. Wall-hung units for instance, offer a stylish storage solution that helps to create the illusion of more space without compromising on practicality. Strategic use of lighting is also essential, and furniture with integrated LED ambient lighting, such as HiB Novum’s Camber range, is proving exceptionally popular with homeowners. This not only creates a brilliantly bold statement for any bathroom, but is also especially effective at opening up a room and making spaces appear larger, resulting in a real wow factor.

Naturally, for the modern homeowner with big design aspirations, but faced with limited space, it’s all about achieving more with less. At HiB Novum, our products and design options offer the versatility needed to help consumers create a truly impressive bathroom that works hard to accommodate all storage needs, regardless of its size.

To download the HiB brochure or for further information, please visit the website.

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Combining the highest levels of performance with smooth and perfectly controlled movement, the Wind lift system has strong functional appeal and takes up a minimum of valuable storage space; thanks to these features, it can be used in both small and large cabinets. Wind is a completely

mechanical system characterised by easy and fast tool- free installation to the door and the cabinet. In addition to the standard three-directional adjustments of door position - height, sideways and depth, it is also possible to adjust the decelerating effect in relationship to the size and the weight of the door. Extremely versatile, Wind is suitable for a vast range of furniture applications including kitchen and bathroom furniture.

This system incorporates a soft close mechanism for decelerated closing or the Push self-opening system for handle-less doors. Wind is available in numerous attractive finishes to harmonise perfectly with all cabinet interiors. For further information on the SALICE product range please telephone or visit Salice online.

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Making space work with Blum R

etailers all appreciate the need for generous, easy-to-use storage facilities and clever space-saving features across all types of homes.

The major trend for fitted furniture (whether kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom) is for plain, unadorned door and drawer fronts in interesting materials, colours and finishes. Which then open to reveal copious amounts of storage space that is thoughtfully specified and ergonomically pleasing to use. Lisa Robinson, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Blum UK, says ‘We are completely aware that anyone who wants the most beautiful and streamlined kitchen will expect the

interior to be as beautiful and practical as the exterior. Blum’s Space Tower system is the go-to product for designers who want to provide schemes that are future-proof, in that they appeal to, and can be used by, all age groups. One of the huge advantages of the Space Tower system is that all the interior space is used as each drawer extends fully, meaning designers don’t have to allow for a void or dead space above each drawer. There’s also an extensive choice of widths available – nine in all, between 300mm and 1200mm so virtually any width requirement can be accommodated.’ Retailers and manufacturers can embrace the products and services offered by Blum UK, which

range from a Technical Services room at the headquarters in Milton Keynes, a Retail Services department that can offer expert and technical help on designing, specifying and displaying their products to entice customers into the shop or showroom, and a technical helpline that is even open on Saturday mornings. Retailers, manufacturers and fitters can phone, visit or go online to get the help they need.

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