Rimless innovation W

hat’s this new obsession with rimless toilets? There is no doubt that rimless toilets are the latest bathroom trend but if you missed that memo let Claygate bring you up to date.

Although the toilet itself looks very similar, by removing the rim the toilet becomes easier to clean and there are less places for germs and limescale to hide. Most rimless toilets use a technology that directly sends water around the bowl of the toilet, effectively and economically, instead of flushing through the rim in the traditional way. At Claygate you can choose from a large selection of rimless toilets, there are 10 designs from 5 different manufacturers, close coupled or wall hung options. The new traditional rimless pan from Burlington or the

contemporary collections from Roca, Vitra or Balmorals. You don’t even need to spend more, the Annabel rimless WC from G by Claygate, has 2 styles both toilets retailing at £207. Jennifer Farmery from Roca comments: “The

smooth, corner-free designs from Roca’s rimless WC range offer hygienic and easy to clean solutions for modern family bathrooms. Thanks to the water distributor fitted at the back of the pan, Roca’s rimless WCs provide a thorough flush which exceeds European standards, install with a Roca installation system for the best flushing results every time”. Ruth Jones from Roca agrees: “The growing trend for rimless toilets is no surprise, they are far more hygienic, durable and easier to clean than a traditional rimmed toilet. There are no edges for germs and bacteria to build up and the new water distribution enables a strong flush, spreading water more consistently around the bowl. The smooth walls ensure all areas are easy to reach making the cleaning process quicker, more thorough and leaving a shinier look. They also have a sleek and contemporary design, with their clean lines appealing to homeowners on a style level”.

Claygate offer thoughts on new bathroom trends

The smallest room in the house can often be the most dangerous! I

t may not come as much of a surprise that more accidents happen in the bathroom than in any other place in the home, so it deserves your full attention when it comes to considering safety. Over 30% of injuries in the bathroom are a direct result of showering or bathing. Injuries are mostly caused by leaving the shower or climbing out of the bath. And it’s not all about getting too old either. Injuries of course increase with age but the numbers are pretty consistent between the ages of 24-65. What you might not have guessed is that the injury rate for women is over 70% higher than for men. Studies have shown that women are more at risk than men because of their lack of physical strength and also the products they use while bathing and showering.

In the last five years the number of manufacturers offering a comprehensive range of built-in anti-slip baths and shower trays has quadrupled. The anti-slip bath and shower tray market is now worth over £250m per annum with anti-slip shower trays not surprisingly grabbing the lion share of this anti-slip revolution. Not only that, it’s the manufacturers who are driving the customer offering with many grasping the reality that

KAMBA Anti-Slip Coating

it’s not just the ageing population who can benefit from anti-slip technology but all age groups. More and more resources are being made available to target the development of

anti-slip technology and deliver products that not only protect but also deliver a lifestyle design choice. Why would you not choose anti-slip technology under your feet?

Anti-slip trays available from Claygate Kudos recently launched their Connect2 trays,

this revolutionary shower tray design, makes joist obstruction a thing of the past. Kudos also offer an anti-slip option in every size and Kamba anti-slip coating is exclusively available in the UK from Kudos.

Zamori claim they are the only manufacturer to thermo bond the Swiss Grip anti-slip onto the tray with a curing process - to ensure better performance for a cleaner & longer

lasting surface. In addition to the anti-slip finish, all Zamori trays are impregnated with an anti-bacterial zeomic agent.

TMUK offer a large selection of anti-slip sizes for their Elementary and Symmetry ranges. Their patented anti-slip surface is integrated directly into the shower tray at the point of manufacture, meaning it never wears away and will last as long as the shower tray.


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