The Stratus Air, image courtesy of Grid Thirteen

Westin hoods: superheroes from

Yorkshire in your kitchen W

estin is recognised as the cooker hood specialist, providing optimum extraction solutions for stylish kitchens, loved by designers and installers for its ‘white glove’ service and ‘can do’ attitude. Amongst Westin’s successes in 2017 have been its best selling ceiling units, the new superheroes of extraction.

Breathe in Westin’s fresh air from Yorkshire because as the only British cooker hood manufacturer, established in 1921, Westin has continued to flourish in 2017 thanks to its commitment to providing flexible cooker hood solutions, handmade with real care and optimised for each customer. The expanded suite of ceiling units includes the Air, Blade and Flush all within the Stratus range.

Many cooker hood suppliers offer customers a wide choice of products but they have defined specifications and a hood may only be available in stainless steel 60cm or 90cm wide with cool LED round lights and a motor power of 650m3/hr. What happens when the customer needs that style of hood 75.5cm wide with warm LED square lights and a motor power of 800m3/hr?

This is where the flexible offering from Westin comes in. As well as Westin Product, which are the most popular hoods available in certain sizes with predetermined lights and motors, there is the Westin Plus and Westin Bespoke service. A customer needing to change the size, lights, motor or internal dimensions would use the Westin Plus service where slight modifications can be made. For those customers that require more than a modification to a


product, then the Westin Bespoke consultation service is the best option. This allows customers to design their own unique cooker hood in terms of either performance, aesthetics or both. Westin to the rescue!

Westin hoods can be discreet, hidden into ceilings, cupboards or worktops, or can be designed as a statement appliance. Westin hoods can be colour matched to an exact Pantone, RAL or even a paint swatch to fit in with any kitchen, meaning that the hood will not only perform beautifully, it will also look amazing.

New innvoations for 2018 will be launched at KBB Birmingham in March where Westin will be exhibiting on Stand M118.

Ann Onions, Westin’s Sales and Marketing Manager says: “2017 has been another great year for Westin, with sales still going strong. When designing a kitchen, cooker hoods are not often considered a high priority, but if the hood doesn’t perform effectively in a finished kitchen, the impact is dramatic. The beauty of the Westin service is that

when it comes to cooker hoods, our superheroes can save the day. Moving into 2018 you can still see us as a safe pair of hands to guide you to fresh air in any kitchen.”

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The Stratus Blade by Westin

Bespoke colour matched hood by Westin, image courtesy of Kitchen Solutions

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