compressed air

at ambient temperatures of up to 46°c and making certain that the electrical cubicle of the inverter, which is a crucial piece of technology for the efficiency of the compressor, can withstand temperatures of up to 55°c. it also includes components such as the ip66-rated drive train which is specifically designed to keep out dust and moisture. The net results of these dependable features are smooth operation, productivity gains, increased uptime, and lower maintenance costs.

New teChNology more air, smaller footprint, less energy cost − atlas copco’s latest revolutionary compact Ga Vsd+ compressors bring industry-leading savings to medium and large-scale operations. The new technology eliminates most challenges associated with the original Vsd designs, starting with the performance of the integral, in- house designed Neos compact inverter unit, which contributes to an overall eight per cent improvement in specific energy requirement (ser) over that of any comparable compressors. The principal game-changing innovation of

the Vsd+ design is in the close-coupled drive train − the combination of a high-efficiency motor and technically advanced, asymmetric compression element. The ip55 motor was designed in-house with special attention to cooling requirements and efficiency. With no coupling or gears between the motor

and screw element the compressors are exceptionally quiet, 73dB (a) in operation and extremely energy-efficient in performance. The vertical aspect drive train of the Vsd+ machines is a closed circuit in which both the motor and the element is cooled with oil, thus contributing additional energy savings. added to this is an impressive six per cent increase in free air delivery for improved efficiency and performance, plus a reduction in the compressors’ total lifecycle costs in the order of 37 per cent.

Smart CommuNiCatioN as a pioneer in the design of Vsd compressors, atlas copco is not just ahead in terms of efficiency and reliability but also connectivity. The importance of connectivity with advanced monitoring and control systems is an area that is becoming increasingly important because it not only makes the compressor easier to operate but also increases both efficiency and reliability. For example, atlas copco’s Vsd+ compressors

come with a high-tech elektronikon Touch controller and the optional smarTLiNK monitoring system. in combination, these features make it possible to optimise a compressor remotely from just about anywhere on the planet using only a computer or even a mobile device. That makes compressed air

production even more efficient (and greener). in addition, the system anticipates potential issues and alerts the operator before they become problems, which further increases uptime.

teChNology of the future The entire manufacturing sector is in the midst of a major technological revolution. The move toward connectivity and digitalisation in the era of industry 4.0 is now a reality rather than a distant future. atlas copco is a leader in the use of opc Ua

communication technology in compressors. opc Ua is the common language that allows equipment to “speak” with each other. it is technology that ensures that an operation runs smoothly by making sure that every item of equipment can effortlessly communicate with every other device. Because a compressor is too important not to be part of a networked production operation, atlas copco has released its first series of compressors that speak this universal language and has assured compressor users that in the future it will be possible to install this technology retroactively and enjoy all its benefits. The upsides to being at the forefront of this

technology are obvious: The possibilities that the new connectivity offers will completely change manufacturing as we know it. in the world of compressed air, it is the biggest thing since Vsd compressors redefined energy efficiency and changed the industry forever. it should come as no surprise that atlas

copco, which invented Vsd compressors, is once again at the cutting edge of this new technology, determined to make its products, as well as industry’s production, even more efficient and reliable.

atlas Copco pressors

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