smart asset management turned on its Head boilers, pumps & valves


or any plant with a large and complex infrastructure of critical and valuable assets, tracking down developing

problems before they pose the risk of failure could save huge amounts of time and money. With over 150 billion gallons of water used every

day within the manufacturing, mining, oil and gas and power industries alone, industrial water and wastewater management remain a crucial supporting aspect in every industrial process. industries are driven by overall equipment

effectiveness (oee), the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. this applies to all machines in the facility, including HvaC, water supply and wastewater treatment processes. asset managers are challenged with having

limited resources to deal with acute service and optimisation needs, increased regulatory pressures, an aging workforce, lower capital available to invest in infrastructure, and rising operating costs. Covid-19 has further increased these challenges for service teams, demanding greater operational resilience to maintain uptime while prioritising worker safety, and financial resilience to maintain levels of service with significantly fewer resources. many industrial facilities are designed within

their own silo and together create complex asset sets which require to be managed at an enterprise-wide level. digital transformation offers unique opportunities

to address new and fast changing demands in such complex environments. and it is here that smart asset management becomes critical.

ReveRSe PaRaDIGm tuRnS tech on ItS heaD digital transformation – of technology, services, software - is seen as the answer. but before taking any remedial action, where do we start? What is critical is defining the required outcome: only by determining that, can we identify the actions needed to deliver those outcomes, the priorities, and from there determine the assets, settings, or service that need addressing. it is a reverse approach to the way many

view optimisation and asset management. technology, software or services are secondary features. even data can be viewed as overly commoditised –unless it comes with intelligent interpretation, garnered from the multi- variabilities of real-world application. this is the game changer: real knowledge – and access to broader knowledge. by turning the model on its head, calculated

actions can be best identified. optimisation becomes informed by actionable insights. this real-time decision intelligence is where real value lies for any operation and this is where a unique laser focus can be achieved to effectively, rapidly, and intelligently deliver critical outcomes.

Real-tIme DecISIon IntellIGence it is estimated that the majority of assets are operating outside the range of their best

movInG to conDItIon-BaSeD maIntenance planners and engineers often oversize pumps as a way of anticipating greater capacity needs. However, significantly oversized pumps run inefficiently and wear out faster than they should. an audit of any industrial setting can verify how pumps are operating relative to their bep. Would a different type of asset perform more effectively for the application? How are piping, valves and controls performing on site? a trusted partner can perform an audit on site of industrial assets in need of monitoring as a crucial starting point. With multinational corporations such as boeing

claiming 85 per cent of equipment fails in spite of calendar maintenance and emerson electric stating that almost two-thirds of scheduled maintenance is unnecessary, condition-based maintenance is the holy grail for every asset manager. moving from reactive to proactive maintenance

through smart asset management offers intelligent solutions across the board by deploying a system that offers real-time insights into asset performance relative to both bep and oee.

unlockInG DIGItal tRanSFoRmatIon Xylem’s smart asset management performance & reliability optimisation (sam pro) delivers a 24/7 service that enables clients to optimise the performance and reliability of existing assets like pumps, blowers and mixers, and to prioritise their maintenance workflows.

30 June 2021 | FaCtorY&Handlingsolutions

By Guy Fitzpatrick, general manager for Industry & Infrastructure, Dewatering and Package Pump Stations at Xylem Water Solutions

efficiency point (bep) – making it vital to identify the assets, from pumps and blowers to mixers and compressors, in need of optimisation. straying too far from any asset’s bep leads to premature wear, higher energy consumption, increased maintenance requirements, a reduction of overall efficiency and, as a result, more expensive downtime. For the asset manager seeking resilience and

operational improvements across the board, adopting real-time condition monitoring technology can bring cost and energy savings along with fully optimised asset production.

this decision-intelligence solution is able to

collect real-time data from any motor-powered rotating asset without adding additional sensors to the asset. the asset data is enriched with intelligent tools and decades of digitised subject matter expertise to provide insights on the condition and benchmark the performance against the required operations. Xylem’s digital maintenance is simple to

integrate and can be reused and integrated with other systems through industry standard apis (application programming interfaces) to manage risks, workflows and digitise analogue tasks and processes. optimising asset performance, particularly with

aging infrastructure, has previously required upfront hardware investment to regain control of your total cost of ownership. smart asset management solves this by providing customisable packages that enable continuous improvement.

PRIoRItISe maIntenance WoRkFloWS the applications within manufacturing industries are wide-ranging, for example benchmarking performance of individual assets against the energy usage profile of the process to identify compressed air leakage, filter clogging and incomplete valve closure. by optimising effectiveness of individual assets, that can boost productivity across the whole production process. sam pro is a true one-of-a-kind system that

can be used with any existing asset regardless of make, model or age, to fully optimise the total cost of ownership over the machine’s lifetime. the predictive insights it provides enable managers operating multiple assets and maintenance workflows to move from a scheduled to a predictive maintenance strategy, cutting life cycle costs by forecasting potential system failures, team scheduling, and outcomes and risk mapping.

ReSIlIence anD aGIlIty aS StanDaRD unplanned downtime can cost up to ten times more than routine maintenance. installing smart asset monitoring can mean cost savings by avoiding unnecessary scheduled maintenance, plus the ability to preempt problems and mitigate risk. using insights from descriptive analytics and

data visualisations, such state-of-the-art solutions provide a real-time view of asset health and reliability performance. running assets at their bep maximises their lifetime while also optimising energy consumption, saving money and carbon emissions in the process. the right partner can help to build a solution that

reduces unplanned stoppages caused by failing and underperforming physical assets, allowing the asset management team to avoid downtime, lessen risks and optimise every process.


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