Eco appliances ANALYSIS

In an attempt to do their bit towards a greener future, consumers are opting for more effi cient home appliances.

30 C onsumers today are increasingly more eco-

aware; from the products they use around the home to the resultant energy consumption, appliances can have a big effect on the way people live day- to-day. But with added features and benefits from those manufacturers leading the way with their ‘greener’ goods, we can all contribute towards a more environmentally-friendly future. The

smart capabilities of appliances are

also helping consumers to be more aware of consumption and, for example, the most efficient time of day to start appliances in order to save money on household bills. According to consumer research conducted by

Futuresource Consulting, in the UK, USA, France and Germany energy efficiency, safety and the ability to control remotely are the main perceived benefits of smart appliances. Jack Wetherill, Principal Analyst, Home

Electronics at Futuresource, tells ERT that among consumers who have adopted smart home devices, energy savings (40 per cent) comes second only to comfort (62 per cent) in terms of reasons for adoption. Energy efficiency also comes second in terms of reasons to replace an appliance (second only to “if the appliance breaks”). It is worth noting that achieving higher energy efficiency is more likely to be a reason for replacement of a larger appliance than a small appliance which tends to be less energy hungry. Mr Wetherill adds that when it comes to the special features that consumers look for nowadays… “we have noticed a trend in mature markets (where most devices available are already energy efficient due to regulation) moving away from promoting energy efficiency to promote lower water consumption.” In addition, he warns: “Vendors report that most gains in energy efficiency have been made and that from here onwards additional gains will be harder to achieve.

Little differences go a long way Sustainable appliance practices will continue to be a key priority for consumers making considered

It’s not easy being green

Caple’s CAFF60 fridge-freezer is rated A++ for energy efficiency

purchases for the home. As consumers continue to learn about the impact of climate change and the small adjustments that can make a big difference, the demand for appliances that provide energy efficiency benefits continues to grow. Research commissioned by LG on the nation’s laundry habits identified that consumers do fewer washes to save energy (73 per cent) and to protect the environment (26 per cent).

LG’s full range of A+++ rated eco-friendly home appliances stretch from washing machines to fridges and freezers; only last month the brand introduced the LG F4V910WTS washing machine to the UK, with its A+++ -50 per cent energy efficiency rating and TurboWash360 setting. “What’s more, because LG’s washing machines

are equipped with smart technology, clothes are cleaned faster and more efficiently, preserving

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