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September 2019

Haden heading for new heights

September marks a major milestone for Sabichi Homewares Ltd, owners of the iconic SDA and home appliance brand, Haden. A year ago, Haden launched its first ever range of white goods. Neil Bradford, Head of Sales for Sabichi, takes up the story.


The Haden sales team. Top row L-R: Neil Bradford (Head of Independent Sales), Stephen Rowe (Re gional Manager), David Edwards (Regional Manager). Bottom row L-R: Carole Johnson (Regional Manager), Sachin Bagga (Director), Paul Selwood (Regional Manager).

the brand with. Two years into our journey and Haden is now well on track to becoming one of the fastest growing SDA brands in the UK! We’ve since added a contemporary range of homewares in our best-selling slate grey colour, which perfectly complements the range. I’m pleased to report both ranges have been received extremely well and sell strongly. We were very clear that our range needed to add value and stand out in what is a very crowded market. It was also important to us to offer a true alternative to our customers, which would allow them to sell the entire range of Haden appliances with confidence whilst also achieving a healthy margin.


Haden’s white goods journey started in September 2018 with the successful launch of freestanding

e acquired Haden in 2016 and immediately started work on designing a new range of small domestic appliances to re-launch

refrigeration, built-in and freestanding cooking. This is just phase one of a five-year plan, which will see us enter every major white goods category in the UK. We’ve been delighted by the response we’ve had so far! One of Haden’s strengths is its ability to be relevant to the needs of the ever-changing market. Our aim is to offer our customers a one-stop shop brand for everything in the kitchen. We’re so confident in our products and brand that everything comes with a two-year guarantee. We were also amongst one of the first manufacturers to offer metal backs on all our refrigeration products. Haden also believes that it is vitally important to

support our customers with national field coverage. We are proud to be working closely with Stearn, which is our UK white goods distributor. Stearn do an excellent job for us offering a first-rate service across the country for both our white goods and SDA ranges. We also have a team of four regional managers

covering the country and we are pleased to be working with Euronics, having attended our first Showcase event in April.

Next year will see the launch of home laundry and additions to our refrigeration range, including built-in refrigeration for the first time. Dishwashers will also be added later in the year. As well as the UK, Haden products are exported to 20 different countries around the world, and we are very excited to be launching very soon in the USA! It’s certainly an exciting time for all at Haden, which started life 150 years ago and has grown from strength to strength ever since.

For more information about Haden appliances, you can visit the website: Or email:

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