March 2021

popular, to illuminate various dials or control panels.” The company launched the

Funky Iron in 2018 but the Funky Kettle and Funky Toaster only came along in January of this year. Mr Sillett reveals that there are other products in the pipeline, including a microwave and air fryer due out in 2022. He goes on: “When designing

the Funky Iron we felt all other handheld steam irons in the marketplace were becoming over complicated, dull repetitions of each other and in need of simplifying and ‘zhooshing’ up.” Elsewhere, the Funky (four-

slice) Toaster is available in rose gold, cream and chrome and there has already been a lot of interest in the new range. “We are very excited by this

product,” says Mr Sillett. “It not only looks fabulous, it makes perfect toast too, as its wider and deeper slots allow for a range of different breads, plus crumpets and bagels!”

The Funky brand is best described by the definition “modern and stylish in an unconventional or striking way”. Products with a certain curve appeal. These are the words of Co-

Founder and CEO of The Funky Appliance Company, Joe Sillett, who believes retro products are popular because they bring about a feeling of nostalgia, comfort and old fashioned glamour. “Customers seem to be very

enamoured with retro dials and knobs,” he says, “perhaps because they are not too mind boggling to use! LED lighting is also very

“The old adage ‘the kitchen is the heart of the home’ has never been truer in the past year as this is the one room we have relied on as a multi-functional living space,” says Gordon Dawson, Head of Kitchen Retail and Contract Channel at Electrolux. “Consumers have responded by updating and maximising their kitchens to adapt to modern living.” Mr Dawson says matt texture finishes are an emerging

trend in kitchen design, rising in popularity across interior surfaces, homeware and technology. Answering this consumer need, AEG’s Matt Black Collection has been developed “with tactile engagement in mind”, he explains, “using textured materials that help customers feel in control of the appliances during use. “Sleek, refined and minimalist – the use of dark

materials complement an understated interior for a truly modern aesthetic across this collection.” The texture has natural anti-fingerprint properties, which

AEG says is tested to be much more resistant to stains and easier to clean, bringing an advanced level of performance. Mr Dawson adds: “Strong worldwide trends for health

and wellness have also affected demand for modern kitchens, which have to be easy to clean and ergonomically designed. Environmental considerations are also growing in importance for consumers; in addition to appliances with low water and energy consumption, consumers are demanding climatesmart options.” He says that homes are moving towards finishes such

as matt and grey tones. “The growing popularity of acquiring sleek and

polished appliances means there is more caution maintaining the striking aesthetic.”

Meanwhile, Belgian induction and extraction specialist, Novy, has recently introduced the Panorama PRO 120, the latest addition to its award-winning Panorama collection of vented downdraft extractor hobs. As minimalistic, modern designs are

popular with consumers these days, Novy has responded by making a moving semi- transparent ventilation tower on this appliance that rises when the user is cooking, then retracts back into the hob’s surface to be completely concealed from view afterwards. Equally as sleek, there are no buttons or

dials sticking out, but touch controls on the hob’s surface instead. Owain Harrison, Country Manager at

Novy, says the Panorama PRO 120 is a “world first”. “It is the only extractor hob of its kind

with five uninterrupted side-by-side cooking zones and a discreet and stylish integrated downdraft extractor.” Mr Harrison continues: “Its impressive size

and advanced functionality make it the ideal luxury option for people who are seeking a flexible surface cooking centre with powerful yet silent extraction in the kitchen.”


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