Connectivity across the planet

22 A Q&A with Ed Sawday from konnect I

n part two of our conversation about satellite broadband and its opportunities in electrical retail, Ed Sawday, Head of Sales for new satellite broadband service, konnect, explains how this industry is

changing and why consumers should consider all their options for their home broadband connections.


Q: So, tell us about satellite broadband in 2021. Ed Sawday: In a short period of time, we have transformed the customer proposition from an expensive, niche product to a very affordable, high-performance solution appealing to the mainstream market and its retailers. Satellite broadband is the ideal solution for

households that struggle to get a decent broadband connection. With speeds of up to 100 Mbps, we believe that we can provide a service that outperforms LTE and even “fibre” in some areas. The key role for satellite broadband is in areas

beyond the fibre footprint as a point-to-point distribution system with no need to dig up roads or lay expensive cables. Our initial focus is on

households that cannot achieve speeds in excess of 10Mbps. There’s huge potential for satellite broadband

out there and the only barrier we have is raising awareness of its capabilities.

Q: Tell us more about Konnect’s latest venture with its new service. ES: Our brand new KONNECT satellite was launched in January last year and became operational in November. This new satellite service offers uncongested, superfast broadband across most of the UK. konnect offers packages with speeds of up to 100mbps, with tests showing potential capabilities of up to 150mbps! This showcases the immense technical capabilities of konnect satellite broadband and its role in helping bridge the digital divide. So much has changed during the pandemic,

especially with the monumental shift towards working from home, and that’s where konnect has really excelled. Bridging the digital divide and allowing those in rural and semi-rural locations to connect to reliable internet with high speeds has enabled many more people to adapt to the new way of working, and as a result consumers have found increased value in services such as ours.

Whilst our latest satellite has the capacity to

potentially deliver speeds of 150mbps, it’s interesting to see that less consumers are concerned with the ‘numbers’ as such – all most people want is to watch streaming services such as Netflix, or to video call friends, family and colleagues without any buffering! People now only talk about speed if their supplier isn’t really delivering what they need.

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