March 2021

Q: How are you looking to get this service in front of consumers? ES: For us it’s all about making sure we offer a reliable service which delivers what the consumer needs. The challenge we have – and this is where the

opportunity is for electrical retailers – is that five years ago consumers may have considered satellite broadband, but most were waiting for fibre to come along and they haven’t revisited their options since. Very few retailers have actually proactively marketed the satellite service since its rise in performance capabilities. But today, when consumers are looking to

upgrade they head ‘in store’ – at least virtually – and are presented with a wider range of new services and are asking questions. What is the most suitable provision for me? Bringing this offer into the mainstream and

marketing it alongside fibre, whilst not competing head on with it, is our biggest opportunity. Fibre has its benefits of course, but if you’re on ADSL and thinking of upgrading, there is not only the one option. We are confident that consumers will consider konnect and the various packages we can offer.

Q: What are the opportunities for electrical retailers? ES: There is a strong opportunity to help people across the UK who are struggling to get a decent broadband connection. For example, connections are frequently poor in rural and urban areas, with around 200 thousand homes in the UK receiving broadband speeds of less than 10mbps. The difference in speeds between the suburbs and inner cities can be great, and so can the day-to- day impact of this. What’s vitally important is that we’re not

directly comparable with other service offerings; the only direct competitor we do have is 4G, but that has a plethora of issues in itself. Offering satellite broadband services as a retailer presents the opportunity for additional, incremental revenue. If you can’t offer fibre in their area, the customer may shop elsewhere, but if you can offer satellite as an alternative then you may keep their custom. It’s not ‘fibre or nothing’. There are also installation opportunities and

further associated revenues with this. The retailer has two options, either to do the installation themselves or konnect can look after it for them. There’s a choice, as some are not set up for the extra work, but for those that are it can work very well and provide the opportunity for additional revenue. konnect also retains ownership of the equipment, so effectively it has a lifetime guarantee.

Q: Past the point of install, is there any more opportunity to generate further revenue? ES: Absolutely. Once the customer is set up with a high speed connection, they have so many new devices at their disposal, such as smart TVs, IoT devices, CCTV monitoring and lots more.

As a retailer, this opens up a whole number of

opportunities for cross selling and offering further services elsewhere in the customer’s home, allowing them to maximise their new broadband package.

Q: What are your ambitions with this new service? How are you getting your messages across to the industry? ES: We are on the lookout for electrical retailers who would like to partner with us and retail konnect, especially those that have perhaps dabbled in satellite internet broadband in the past. We’re encouraging everyone to look again at the service because it’s changed immensely and is an entirely new proposition. We’re also building relationships across the

consumer electronics industry with key organisations and associations to help get our message across. Broadband via satellite can be a bit of a niche

product. It used to be expensive and complicated, but over the years the industry has

worked incredibly hard to knock down these barriers of entry. We are now at the point where we have a compelling customer offer that is fit for purpose in any retail environment – from a single person operation, all the way through to multi-location chains.

Q: How is the landscape of satellite broadband changing and how will konnect evolve in the coming years? ES: There’s a natural evolution in this industry and satellites do have a lifespan themselves. Because of this, konnect has a considered strategy ‘road map’ in order to plan for 10-20 years in advance and stay on top of the technology. Our next satellite will be launched in around

18 months as we move to konnect VHTS (Very High Throughput Satellite), so for the next two years it’s all about building additional capacity, obtaining faster speeds and better reliability. This is what drives us – offering connectivity across the planet to the millions of people who struggle to get a decent broadband connection!


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