4 NEWS: Dixons Carphone sees profits halve. 5 NEWS: An update on this year’s ERT Awards. 6 NEWS: News in brief from recent months.

10 OPINION: The survivor’s guide to marketing, by Emma Louise Smith.

12 OPINION: Howard Saycell says “there is no room for complacency” now retail shops are back open. “COVID-19 is not going anywhere fast!”

14 ERT INTERVIEW: Straight-talking businessman, John Elliott MBE, talks to ERT about the importance of British manufacturing and how he’s taking on the big guys with his Ebac washing machines. “We need to produce more in this country,” he says.

18 PROFILE: The bosses of spare parts logistics company, ASWO, share insight into its history and how it plans to move forward to cater for the UK market.

21 ADVERTORIAL: Plan for growth with RKW – your trusted partner in brand distribution, drop-ship and NPI.

22 ANALYSIS: Investment in novel SDA products is soaring across the UK, but what is our fascination with these worktop wonders? We take a look at the latest trends.

25 ANALYSIS: Smart technology is everywhere, so how can retailers get in on the action?

28: RETAILER PROFILE: ERT Awards winner, Powerbutton, on the soaring success of its website and how it’s utilising marketplace giants like eBay and Amazon.

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