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Investment in novel SDA products is soaring across the UK, but what is our fascination with these worktop wonders? And how is the sector changing? Jack Cheeseman investigates.

cooking – especially since we’ve all started spending more time at home – and this is reflected in the growing number of kitchen product lines in retailers across the country and various new inventions coming from manufacturers. Within the small domestic appliances category,


there are some very exciting developments. Not only are the all-in-one counter-top solutions helping even the most inexperienced consumers produce high quality, fresh food and drinks, but consumers also have an increasing choice of colour and design options to suit a huge variety of tastes. SDAs offer consumers the opportunity to

enhance design schemes and co-ordinate with their major domestic appliances. Experts at GfK predict SDAs will increase in

value by eight per cent this year as consumers seek appealing products that deliver an experience. Smart, connected appliances are also in demand, with the appliance industry responding rapidly to demands for more connectivity.

he nation is rediscovering its love of However, Scott Green, Jura’s Key Account

Manager UK and Ireland (Consumer Division), believes that the SDA market has been slow to respond to home automation and smart home initiatives, yet 2021 will see consumer expectation rise and manufacturers will have to match the expectation. “Jura has been interested in the consumer

interface for many years,” says Mr Green, “and we have achieved simple connectivity via Bluetooth and an app called ‘JOE’, the Jura Operating System. “In conjunction with a Smart Connect adapter,

JOE provides access to all of the machine’s controls including making a drink (within three metres). This technology will become standard on all machines as Jura release them into the market.” While Mr Green remains tight-lipped about a

possible launch of a premium, connected IOT coffee machine, ERT can confirm that development is taking place. “2021 will be an interesting year for launches,” he adds. “Normally at this time of year we would

be looking forward to launching new products at IFA, but due to COVID-19 we don’t have pre- launch info.” Model updates from Jura will come out as

planned this year and post-IFA possible future product plans could be revealed. Another company that was looking forward to an

exciting year is RKW, manufacturer and distributor for a number of kitchen appliance brands.

>> The JOE Operating System from Jura

July/August 2020

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