Greater than the sum of its parts

18 ASWO’s new distribution hub and offices in France

The backbone of the electrical goods repair industry across Europe, ASWO provides complete spare parts logistics solutions that allow retailers to provide value- added servicing and repairs. To find out more, Jack Cheeseman spoke to Markus Pastor and Nick Viney.

customers’ products, so they started looking for solutions and around 1974 the business moved into wholesale and became the ASWO that we know today. Fast forward nearly 50 years and the company now operates from 27 locations, supplies 38 European countries and offers more than 15 million spare parts from across 3,000 different brands. These include the consumer electronics and domestic appliance industries. In 1987, the French subsidiary of ASWO was


launched – this became the second pillar of the business, alongside the existing site in Germany. Over the years, offices were built up in many different countries and only at the beginning of this year, ASWO’s new 33,000sqm Northern European distribution hub was opened just outside Paris to complement the German site.

he roots of the ASWO business stretch back to 1968 and a small TV repair business in a German village. Astrid and Karl-Börris Aschitsch encountered issues sourcing spare parts for their

Markus Pastor started at the company from a

young age, working weekends and holidays in the warehouse first of all, before moving up and contributing to the growing business. In 2004, he started working with the French

subsidiary of ASWO and then eventually took over this part of the company in 2007. At this time, he also took on the title of CEO of the international business. Meanwhile, the UK arm of ASWO was

established in the late 1980s with an appointed franchisee; by 2017, ASWO UK became a subsidiary in its own right and Nick Viney joined in 2018 as Head of UK Sales to lead the division. Since then, offices have been set up in Coventry and there is now a team of five people managing this side of the company. “It is our loyalty to customer satisfaction

that got us where we are today,” Markus Pastor tells ERT in this exclusive interview. “The founder himself was like one of our customers so we’ve always been completely

faithful to the trade. Across Europe, we have complete loyalty for the professionals that work in the industries we serve; we only work B2B, so we never make a margin from the end consumer. “This is the reputation we have built,” he

continues. “We respect our own values and those of all our customers, and it circles back and proves to work well for us.” Mr Viney adds: “Our unique position in the

industry – certainly in the UK – is that we only operate in B2B relationships; the majority of our customer base is repair organisations, so if a retailer has its own repair company that they use, we provide the spare parts logistics to that company, plus technical support. Our whole ethos is around supporting professional technicians to repair products. One of our core messages is to help extend the life of an appliance.” Mr Pastor reiterates the point, saying that none

of ASWO’s competitors are solely dedicated to the trade.

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