July/August 2020

and, recently, YouTube videos with all our faces to help grow consumer confidence. And we are always shouting about our customer service and our Trust Pilot reviews – which currently stand at 4.9 out of 5.0! Plus, the actual buying journey is quite

straightforward. It’s a nice, clean looking website and it’s backed by an independent family-run business as well. I think we are just doing things slightly

Jason Bamfield (middle) at the ERT Awards with host, Ros Atkins, and Rupert Woolger from Calculus (left)

Q: How did you promote your win following the ERT Awards? Jason Bamfield: We told all our staff that we’d won and showed them the award trophy. They were thrilled! We also wrote a special feature blog with what the award entailed and what we had to do to achieve it. It’s such an important accolade so we posted all kinds of stuff on our website and social media channels. It was all really well received so we decided to put out a national campaign with the news! We certainly did spread the word and I

think that’s helped the trust level because that’s what we need to grow a new website. Winning this award has given us a further boost and given customers even more reason to trust our website.

Q: Do you show off your trophy in store? JB: Yes, we’ve got the trophy standing pride of place in the store so customers notice it straight away! They often ask what it’s for so it’s a great talking point. We even got a feature in the local press as

well! And that’s helped increase footfall in store as well as just general knowledge of the fact that we’d won the award. I would definitely say it’s had a positive response for the business.

Q: Why do you think you won? JB: I think it was a whole package of things. Yes our focus is to sell but our site looks different to your everyday site – it’s not just a click and buy. There are more informative articles on there as well about how to set up the perfect home cinema or your Sonos system, for example. We have video tutorials on there and our

live chat function, we’ve got blog posts about new tech as well as news, reviews

The TV department at the Freemans store. Inset the Powerbutton website homepage.

differently with our packages and bundles and offering the smart home element as well – that in itself is quite big. So we are current, up-to-date and modern and we’re not looking at stuff that’s 10 years old, we’re trying to reflect what the buying trends are in the market at the moment.

Q: What are the best parts of your website, do you think? JB: I think what’s proven by our reviews is that we offer excellent customer service; for example, we’ve got the live online chat where we can talk to people to discuss their needs –¬ which is fantastic. People can ask questions any time while browsing our online store – they don’t have to wait for an email or phone call back, and I think that’s key. It’s an area that is growing but a lot of sites still don’t have that function so we stand out in that respect. It’s just about getting the message across

that we are here to help online, on email or by phone. It’s customer service that is key for us and really helps drive our business forward.

Product-wise, we sell a lot of Sonos

products and product bundles and we do the Flexson brand as well, the British accessories brand for Sonos which you can’t just buy anywhere. We’re a big seller for them now. Not to mention the huge amount of TV brands

we stock as well, which obviously do sell.


The help chat function on the Powerbutton website

Q: So the Powerbutton website was quite new when you entered the ERT Awards. How come? JB: We did have a local website called and we could have made that national but it would have been a conflict of interest with the Freemans catalogue – they sell electrical products and we thought there would have been confusion between us and them. >>

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