EMBRACE THE WINTER THEME The Christmas and Winter season makes window planning easier and more fun! It can also make the high street a more competitive place, with all of the retailers vying for the Christmas footfall. So, it really is the time to make sure your window displays stand out.

Winter windows are helped massively by the cool colours that are embraced in the winter palette. The palette helps capture attention as the human brain has an attention bias towards high contrast images and displays. So, with a wintry theme, retailers have an excellent opportunity to make bold displays. For example, a wintry white background with delicate snowflakes, or realistic fake snow provides an excellent opportunity to contrast some bold products. Key takeaway: Support your theme with decorations, but take care that they don’t overpower the star of the show, your products. Contrast your merchandise with the cool winter palette to really make your products stand out.


The three-layer rule is a simple way to ensure that your window display has depth. This depth helps to attract attention and makes a window display more


The first layer is usually stuck onto the window itself in the form of a vinyl or a paper or cardboard cut-out positioned close to the front of the window as a frame. These vinyls are usually a wintery themed snowflake scene that frames the window.

The second layer of depth is the main event. Your products should be merchandised neatly and attractively. Ideally, you should aim for the items to be clearly visible from the average customer’s eye level as this is where the majority of their attention is focused. The third layer is your

window display’s backdrop. This may be a direct view into the shop itself in some shops that do not have a boxed off window display. In this instance, ensure that your shop floor is kept tidy at all times, so as not to deter customers from browsing. For those who have a backboard, you may wish to use a cool wintry colour to make a high contrast display.

Key takeaway: Create a more engaging window display by using multiple layers. This will help you lead your customer’s eye around the display and hold their attention for longer.

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