and entice customers. Rather than grouping plants together by type or block colour, as other garden centres might do, The Chelsea Gardener creates planting schemes for its customers, teaming complimentary colours with each other or plants that suit sunny or shady spots. Soft furnishings, high-end garden

furniture and accessories that tone well with the flowers are also positioned close by, creating outdoor roomsets to give an overall look. Ms Ferrando explains: “Something you’ll notice from our displays is that things are not lined up traditionally. People often already have an idea of the colour they want

when they come here, so we build on that. The tables in the plant area are arranged to inspire and show what goes together – whether that is suitable for sun or shade or colours that work well together. We like to create a mini garden with plants, pots as well.” This merchandising technique is very important to the business and it is imperative that items are presented ‘just so’. Striking displays of goods, from giftware and garden decorations, to quirky vases and artificial blooms – all arranged stylishly and in keeping with the current season – adorn tables that greet visitors as soon as they walk in the entrance.

These displays obviously help

The centre has an extensive houseplant offer and the department has grown significantly over the years in line with demand

create an attractive aesthetic but they also do an important job of creating add-on sales, with customers inspired to pick up the pot that was so effectively teamed with the impressive yucca plant, or the magenta cyclamens that really set off the grey-blue wooden seat and cushions that were so carefully placed alongside. Ferts and chems are not big sellers for the business

but, where applicable, plant food will be located next to certain plant displays to help up basket spend, whilst also ensuring the consumer doesn’t have to think too much. The centre’s window displays are used to great effect to lure customers in. When DIY Week visited, two large windows were filled with vivid yellow outdoor lanterns, glazed pineapple ornaments and huge decorative plates brimming with lemons in the same hue. Another double glass frontage, located by its houseplant department, showcased an attractive display of unusual textured pots, brightly-coloured blooms and green foliage from lush tropical houseplants, all set off with simple grey stones. Whilst the centre no doubt has a loyal local customer base, it is still acutely aware of the need to fit with the tone of the area and compete with other stylish and well-groomed window displays.

Instant gardening Customers who frequent The Chelsea Gardener have a variety of tastes but one overwhelmingly common factor is that the majority

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CREOSEAL'S FENCE CARE covers most fencing in one coat and is available in four colours, with a high resistance to fading.


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