quickly and cost-effectively swap out existing flooring for flooring in line with their own personal taste. “This technology is simply dry- laid onto a prepared base and cut to shape. Magnetically-backed carpet, wood or luxury vinyl tiles are then held

securely in place utilising Ezy-Install’s unique double grip properties of high grab adhesive tack and magnetic attraction. Alternatively, standard carpet and loose lay tiles can be attached using IOBAC’s award-winning MagTabs.”

A better way

“No longer does flooring have to be seen as merely a necessity that once chosen, you are stuck with for many years,” concludes Woolvine. “Now with Ezy-Install, installation, repair and maintenance costs are slashed, and flooring becomes a flexible design element that complements today’s ever changing housing industry.”

Latest flooring trends As we enter

2020, the renewed

popularity of Art Deco design is bringing on a revival of roaring twenties styling. The 1920s left the legacy of the decadent design style known as Art Deco, and a full century later this style still stands strong as the ultimate choice for a luxurious interiors look.

This new collection of flooring designs by Atrafloor features classic, highly decorative Art Deco motifs with a contemporary feel, which are ideal for creating a party-worthy space at home. The Alen design reflects the influence of ancient Egyptian design and Hollywood glamour on Art Deco with its sleek shapes. Henri is a monochrome design that incorporates an iconic motif of fans associated with 1920s fashion, and has delicate details that tie into the Art Nouveau movement, which had a hand in shaping the iconic Art Deco style.

The scallop pattern flooring, Erich, is enough to make anyone

FLOOR COVERINGS MARKET REPORT The 10th edition of the ‘Wood and Laminate Floorcoverings Market Report – UK 2019-2023’ has been published by AMA Research. The report provides a detailed review of key sectors of the market Laminates, Solid/Engineered Wood and Accessories. The wood floorcoverings market is now more diverse than ever, with a high level of competition between the main product groups, as well as competing with floorcoverings products, such as floor tiles and LVT. In terms of supply, the market remains highly fragmented, with pricing being an important factor, as consumers increasingly seek value for money products and this has further intensified existing high levels of competition. The wood floorings sector grew steadily from 2011 until 2017, but suffered marginal decline in 2018 and still remains well below the peak level of £385m achieved in 2007. Market trends had been positive since 2014, with growth strengthening until 2017, buoyed by rising consumer confidence as the economy improved and by growth in the housebuilding and wider construction sectors. However, the slowing of consumer and business confidence levels and a lower of investment and reduction in spending on non-essentials by consumers resulted in reversal of growth in 2018. Competition with other floorcoverings materials, especially LVT, has impacted the market with wood now marginally the third largest sector of the overall floorcoverings mix behind carpet and vinyl. In addition, the erosion of DIY skills within target market sectors has affected demand levels, particularly at the lower value end of the laminates sector. Laminates currently account for the largest share of the wood floorcoverings sector, with around 59 per cent of the market in value terms. Although the share held by laminates has declined over the last decade or so, it has remained relatively steady in recent years, with evidence that the product mix may now have stabilised. All product groups have increased sales in


UK Market & Forecasts for Wood Floorcoverings 2016 to 2021 by value (£m MSP) and Growth (%)

355 320

300 275 250 225 200

2.5 2

1.5 1

0.5 -1

Source: AMA Research Ltd 2016

2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Fcst Fcst Fcst


want to throw ritzy dinner parties all the time with no excuse needed. This design is available in modern green and teal blue colour palettes.

Painted oak pink laminate In all its shades, pink has established itself as an interior design favourite. The colour has universal appeal, and now sits alongside white, beige,

grey and black as popular neutral palettes in interior design. Pink is a warm colour that exudes cheerfulness and tranquillity and for this reason, the designers at Quick- Step created this beautiful new and original floor design. With an original oak floor, with natural imperfections such as cracks and knots as its foundation, the design team used a painted finish to bring the pink colour way to life. The original planks were treated in-house with a glossy lacquer which was applied irregularly so that the base wood look remained visible. To reinforce the authenticity of this laminate floor, visible imperfections such as splintering, and knurling

recent years supported by stronger brand recognition for some of the leading suppliers and the development of products with enhanced features, such as anti-slip and waterproofing, providing increased competition in the medium-upper market sectors. Demand from both domestic and contract sectors is likely to be derived from higher value products as the market continues to distance itself from the “high volume, low value” perception previously associated with the laminates sector in particular. However, levels of consumer and business confidence into the short-medium term will be remain the key growth determinant. The ‘Wood and Laminate Floorcoverings Market Report – UK 2019-2023’ is published by AMA Research, a leading provider of market research and consultancy services with 30 years’ experience within the construction and home improvement markets. The report is available now and can be ordered online at or by calling 01242 235724.

were applied in the bevel. This beautiful design is also available in white and black.

• For more information on IOBEC’s Ezy-Install, please visit

• More details about Atrafloor’s Art Deco design products are available at:

• To find out more about signature painted oak pink laminate flooring from Quick-Step, visit 24 JANUARY 2020 DIY WEEK 13

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