n Wyevale Nurseries last Wednesday (May 16, 2018) helped to host an event dedicated to good soil management practice. Wyevale Nurseries alongside Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and ADAS hosted a GREATsoils (Growing Resilient, Efficient and Thriving Soils) event for growers focusing on soil management and precision farming in hardy nursery stock. n Online DIY and gardening marketplace Mano Mano has commissioned a new European-wide web series dedicated to championing extreme and inventive DIY projects, with the search launching today, on International DIY Day. The series is on the look-out for five makers, inventors and creators across Europe to be filmed on the project of their lives. One winner will be chosen from the UK to feature on the programme, which Mano Mano says “is set to give DIY SOS a run for its money”. n Paul Richards, who sold his Golden Acres business to Wyevale in 2015 before developing the Mappleborough Green Garden Centre brand, has acquired Stansted Park Garden Centre in Hampshire, as administrators seek buyers for Home & Garden Group’s nine centres. The garden centre has been taken over by Paul Richards and Tim Mason. The pair boasts more than 60 years’ experience in the garden centre industry between them. Mr Richards owned the Golden Acres garden centre group until he sold the business to Wyevale in 2015. n ERA, the UK’s home security specialist, has teamed up with Safeland, a company that has designed a unique app to help communities feel safer and better protected against crime. Focusing on the idea that crimes may be reduced or prevented if members of a local community act together and look out for one another, Safeland was created to provide the means for a group of individuals to communicate via a smart phone app, in the event of a burglary for instance.

4 DIY WEEK 01 JUNE 2018 NEWS IN BRIEF Sugru parent company bought by Tesa

The London-based company FormFormForm Ltd which launched kneadable glue product, Sugru, is set to become a fully-owned subsidiary of German firm, Tesa SE. Thus.

Adhesive manufacturer

Tesa says the acquisition “strengthens its market position in self-adhesive products for consumers”. However, investors in FormFormForm will lose out, as Tesa will acquire the firm for around £7.6million (8.6million Euros),

which is significantly

less than the £27million a 2015 crowdfunding campaign valued the business at.

FormFormForm CEO Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh told DIY Week it has “been a challenging few

months” and that she had had to break the news to the shareholders that “the price paid for the company doesn’t give them a return on their investment”. She added: “It’s not what any of us wanted,” but explained that the tough decision had been taken “for the good of the product” and that her job now was to grow the business. FormFormForm Ltd holds all rights to the internationally- patented mounting solution, Sugru

– a silicone-based

kneadable and malleable special adhesive, invented by Mrs Ni Dhulchaointigh.

The Hackney-based manufacturer, which employees around 60 people, achieved sales of 5.6million Euros in 2017. It has

sold 10 million mini pack of Sugru worldwide to date and reported an average year-on-year (YOY) growth rate of +32% each year from 2013 to 2016, with forecasts that its growth would increase to +50% YoY each year to 2019. Whilst Sugru sells its products

in retail outlets in Europe, USA and Canada, and has secured major

listings with B&Q and

Target, more than 50% of its sales last year were realised online. Mrs Ni Dhulchaointigh, explained that it took longer than expected to get the “mainstream awareness” and retail roll-out they wanted for the Sugru product. “We have seen very strong

growth online but we found it harder to get the listings in retail,” she said, adding “growth

Harsh weather conditions hit sales across Kingfisher business

Parent company of B&Q and Screwfix, Kingfisher plc, has announced its trading update up to April 30 2018. Quarter 1 LFL sales has been reported as down by


reflecting, what the company describes as “unusually adverse weather conditions” which it believes impacted footfall. Impact on LFL sales of weather related categories and temporary UK store closures: at B&Q c.-6% (outdoor products & snow related store closures) and at Screwfix c.-2% (snow related store closures).

like-for-like sales at B&Q offset 3.6% growth


In the UK, a 9.0% slump in at

however despite this, Kingfisher say it is “still on track to deliver Year 3 strategic milestones of our transformation plan”.

The results for the year ended January 31 showed that despite Screwfix posting a robust performance for the year, with LFLs up 10.1%, “softer sales patterns” were reported across Screwfix and B&Q, as demand for big-ticket lines slowed.

Chief Executive Officer,

Véronique Laury said: “It was a challenging start to the year with exceptionally harsh weather across Europe and weak UK consumer demand. This impacted footfall, especially sales of weather related categories. February and March were particularly affected with sales improving over the

course of April and into May. “We are on track to deliver our ONE Kingfisher strategic milestones for the third year in a row and we continue to see tangible delivery of our plan. Around 40% of our ranges are now unified and continue to be well received by customers. Sales of these ranges, excluding outdoor products, are up, and we expect to grow the full year Group gross margin, after clearance costs. Meanwhile, we are into the final year of our unified IT platform roll out with Poland now underway and Brico Dépôt France due to start soon. “We remain confident about delivering the business and customer benefits of our transformation plan, supported by the continued hard work and expertise of our colleagues.”

April retail figures show welcome boost in sales

Retail sales for April increased by 1.6%, as figures from the Office for National Statistics shows a positive step for UK high streets, after adverse weather conditions and economic difficulties caused a lack of footfall and consumer spending.

Month-on-month growth rates for the quantity bought in retail sectors show that the non- food sector was -1.9% in March but has managed to increase it to 2.3% in April. Internet sales increased by 11.7% for the amount spent in April 2018 when compared with April 2017,

with all

sectors reporting growth on the year. Within non-food stores, department stores and

“Retail sales bounced back in April, as petrol and other sales recovered from the snowfall. But the underlying position remains subdued with the volume of goods sold over

the last

months broadly unchanged. “Increases

were department six seen

across all sectors in April, except


household goods stores were the driving force behind the fall in online spending despite increases in both textile, clothing and footwear stores and other stores.

Commenting on today’s official

retail figures, Head of National Accounts, Rob Kent-Smith said:

Department stores declined following relatively strong sales last month, when their online sales were boosted during the adverse weather. “Over the longer-term, retail sales growth has slowed considerably,

with increases

in food, household goods and internet retailers being largely offset by declines across all other types of retailing.”

was slower in 2017 and we had to have a drastic re-think at the end of the year and started the mergers and acquisitions process.”

Of new parent company,

Tesa, Mrs Ni Dhulchaointigh, who will stay with the company following the acquisition, said she thought it was a “pretty good strategic fit” and that FormFormForm

would benefit

from the distribution structure and marketing resources. She believes that both companies will take learnings from one another. “Our approach is differently focused, with e-marketing. It is complimentary to their business, which is more tradition in terms of retail outlets… We can play to the strengths of both businesses.”

Tesco closes non-food site putting 500 jobs at risk





detailed review of Tesco Direct, its non-food website, and has concluded that, despite its best efforts, there is no route to profitability for this small, loss- making part of the business. Tesco Direct will cease trading on 9 July 2018 and, as part of this, the intention is to close the fulfilment centre at Fenny Lock which handles Tesco Direct orders, putting 500 jobs at risk of redundancy. CEO of Tesco UK & ROI, Charles

Wilson said: “We want to offer our customers the ability to buy groceries and non-food products in one place and that’s why we are focusing our investment into one online platform.

“This decision has been a

very difficult one to make, but it is an essential step towards establishing a more sustainable non-food offer and growing our business for the future.” Tesco has said it remains to

committed bringing a

compelling range of general merchandise to its customers, both in-store and online at Tesco. com. The company has said it is Tesco’s ambition to create a simpler online experience for customers,

allowing them to

purchase general merchandise, clothing and groceries all in one place.

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