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Designed and manu actured o the highest standards DEKTON brings to the market a JEKTON brings to the market a Jab saw developed for the professional in mind. It includes three cut precision teeth with a signature sharp piercing point,cing point, a thicker than normal blade for rigidi e for rigidityty, injection moulded handle for durabili abilityty, thumb grip for comfort during prolonged use all add up to the ulto the ultimate Jabimate Jab saw, says AVRON. Packaging has been developed to offer eye catching informative design and the double clam pack provides extra securisecurity whilty whilst allowing the consumer to touch and feel the product. With an RRP of on not to s

gned and manufacturf for the pr

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precision teeth with a signatu moulded handle for dura

comfort during prolon Packaging has b

eye catching the double c


ncludes three cut ur

, injection , thumb grip for

nged use all add up b saw says A RON.


clam pack provides extra st allowing the consumer

to touch and feel the product. With an RRP of only £5.99 can you af nly £5.99 can you affor not to stock it?

ford stock it?

 17 01753 639 771 sa

753 639 771 

VITREX Premier Underlay is an important derlay is an important tool tool when fitting underlay or wood flooring to ensure a professional finish.ofessional finish. I It easily absorbs minort easily absorbs minor floor imperfections a floor imperfections and repels water so will not support mould growth, with the added benefit of Acoustic and Thermal insulat rmal insulation prion propertoperties,ies, says the company. Odourless and non-toxic, clean, dust free, easy to cut and light weight y to cut and light weight.. It is fitter friendly and aids in quick and easy installation. The V installation. The Viitrtrex range of Tools make light work of installation, including a Laminate Fitting Kit with expansion ga and wide angle pull b Cutter features plank

X emier Und Pr

when fitting underlay a professional finish

nd repels water so will not

support mould growt of Acoustic and Ther says the company. O clean, dust free, easy It is fitter friendly and

Odourless and non-toxic, d aids in quick and easy

work of installation, i ncluding a Laminate Fitting Kit with expansion gap spacers, tapping block and wide angle pull bar. The Vitrex Laminate Cutter features plank supports and a long life blade which cuts laminate up to 200mm providing clean profe  01283 245 430

bar. The Vitrex Laminate k supports and a long

life blade which cuts laminate up to 200mm providing clean professional cuts. 01283 245 430

essional cuts.

The new VITREX riangula Triangular Sanding Head is a professional accessory, complementing the Vitrex Long Reach Sander, providing edge to edge and corner sanding. The innovative head fi novative head fitmenttment enables quick and easy conversion between the interchangeable heads. The Vitrex Triangular Sanding Head enables sanding to be completed quicker and easier than using the traditional circular sanding head around wall edges and corners, says QEP. The Vitrex Triangular Sanding Head fits into the Vitrex Long Reach Sander storage case for easy storage and transportation. Replacement sanding sheets for both the circular and triangular heads are also available in six different grit grades suigrades suitable for diftable for different substrates and finish requirements.

professional accessory, com , provid

and corner sanding. The in enables quick and easy co the interchangeable heads. Sanding Head enables san quicker and easier than usi

ar Sanding Head is a mplementing the Vitrex

The Vitrex Triangular

sanding head around wall e says QEP The Vitrex Triang

into the Vitrex Long Reach for easy storage and transp sanding sheets for both the heads are also available in

ferent requirements. 

 01283 245 430 re

01283 245 430

ng the traditional circular edges and corners,

e circular and triangular ferent grit

pencil has been specifically designed for the construction industry, offering the perfect choice for trade professionals. Thanks to its unique 120mm retractable,ctable, inter interchangeable leads, the ACER deep hole pencil can mark through holes in beams and joists with ease. The six lead pack includes yellow leads for marking darker surfaces, making the pencil even more versatile.e versatile. 0125 216 540

Ne ind the ma

Th an

 0125 216 540 

New to the market in 2018, the AC pe

dustry, of etrac

ACER deep hole marking e for trade professionals. ark thr


ex range of Tools make light ap spacers, tapping block



eas a 1 has


HP457DWE10 18v Combi Drill generates 42Nm of torque and is easily capable of boring a 13mm hole in steel. It has a 2-speed gearbox, 16 torque settings, key bra con

P457DWE10 18v que and is tor

keyless chuck, electric brake and variable speed control by trigger action and com


a c pla

carry case. The Combi

ntrol by trigger action and weighs just 1.7kg. comes complete with two battteries, charger and a batteries, charger and a 74-piece accessory set in 74-piece accessory set in a carry case. The Combi

DriDrill is part of the Makita G-Series range which is a dif ffferent Lithium-ion battery platform to the Makita LXT range of professional cordless power tools, and powered exclusively by the G-Series battery and DC18WA charger. The G-Series battery is identifiable by the white or grey top section, and of offers a 1.3 amp hour bat3 amp hour battery capacity in botery capacity in both 14.4v and 18v platforms. A 60-minute charge time is achieved with the G-Series DC18WA battery charger. The Combi Drill was a finalist in the DIY Week Awards 2018.ds 2018. 


is power G-S 1.3 cha Co

The new

The cla

e new DEKTON clamping range has bee

amping range has been launched with three products in

three products in the 9”/

4”/ cla fea sw but

the range: DT60628 9”/230mm pro clamp one 6”/

e range: DT60628 one piece, DT60630 one

feature extra wide swivel jaws for safe but secure clamping and con ma pric

amp two piece. All ature extra wide

e clamping

and a So t grip handle for comfortable use. Packaging provided allows the consumers to test the product whilst remaining securely attached. With the maximum RRP of £3.99 Avron delivers another great range of competitively- priced product with no compromise on qualie on qualityty, says the company.  1753 639 771 01753 639 771

d a Soft grip handle for comfortaf vron deliv

ced pr  st remaining secur petitively- omise o clamp

6”/150mm pro clamp one piece, DT60632 4”/100mm pro

e piece, DT60630 o clamp

e piece, DT60632 clamp two piece. All

er -Series DC18W eek Awards 2018




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