Q.. As a retailer how valuable is a n online presence when selling tools?

As a retailer how valuable is an online presence when selling tools

It is vital

It is a nice addition but not essential

It is a nice addition but not essential

It is not necessary

Q. Of the bra are the most customers? (Respondents c


Q. Of the brands you stock, which are the most popular with your

ands you stock, which t popular with your

(Respondents could select more than one option)

could select more than Bahco Bahc

Rolso Stanle

Drape Bosch DeWa

Draper Bosc

Faithfu er

ch alt

Makita Faithfull

Makita CK TooCK Tools

Silverline Irwin

Silverlin Irw

The most popular

ne win

ull ols

22% 22%

21% 21%

14% 14%


The most popula r brands for retailers who said their customer base was predominantly trade

r brands for retailers who said

their customer ba se was predominantly trade were Bahco, Drap were Bahco, Draper and Makita, whilst there was a far bigger mix across the DIY-only retailers and those who served both the DIY and trade, with frontrunners being frontrunners being Bahco, Stanley, Draper, Rolson and Bosch.

a far bigger mix ac those who served

per and Makita, whilst there wa oss the DIY-only retailers and


both the DIY and trade, with g Bahco, Stanley, Draper, Rolso

on as 7% 71% co

Rolson Stanley

on ey

43% 43% 43%

43 43 43


3% 3% 3%


Q. What helps drives tool sales most effectively in your business?

Q. What helps most effective

Discounting and promotions

Strong merchandising

Strong merchandising and POS

Our knowledgeable staff ff Brands 14% 21% 29%

drives tool sales ely in your business?

36% % 21% 2 21% s? E REVIEW TOOLS

Q. As a r.Q As a reta letailei er, how valuable, how valuable is a bricks-and

s a bricks-and-mortar stor environment w

It is nice addition but not essential

It is not necessary % 0% 29% d-mortar store

environment when selling tools? It is vital

71% S


Do you feel there is enough innovation in the tools sector?

Do you feel th innovation in t

here is enough the tools sector?

Q. What is your customer’s key consideration when it comes to buying a tool?

Q. What is yo consideratio buying a too

our customer’s key on when it comes to ol?

71% 22% 7 7%


Q. In what area suppliers could business?

No ea do you feel tool could better support your d better support your The majority of reta lers r cha

survey calsurvey called for morled for more support with POS and merchandising – with some asking for free free racking and merchandising units retaietailer asking forler asking for “m

etailei ers responding to the – wit

A number of respond A few other key resp andising units and one “more pre-designed POS in

multiple formats to suit unique store layouts”. A number of respondents also wanted more support with marketing and promotions.

ting and A few other key responses included: Brand


Suitability for task

Price is clearly the are making a tool

Price is clearly the key factor when customers are making a tool purchase, with no respondents suggesting that reviews or recommendations play a part a majo has added value, system, having a supplied with any

e key factor when customers purchase, with no respondent

suggesting that reviews or recommendations play a part a major role or whether the product has added value, such as being part of a battery system, having a long guarantee, or being supplied with any added extras.

or role or whether the product such as being part of a battery long guarantee, or being added extras. y Price

“They [suppliers] seem happy to supply anyone and everyone – even if they are next door to us. Unfortunately, loyalty no longer g.”


door to us. Unfortun stands for anything.”

nately “More realistic pricing”

“Supporting independent retailers” “Discounted

“Reduce online availability”

“Discounted offers through wholesalers” ailability”

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