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B2B Website runs on all major systems and can also be used on mobile devices such as tablets, to give maximum flexibility. The ordering system is simplicity itself. You can order items

from the product browse or product information screens or type in the stock code. It also allows you to review previous orders and print-off


Detailed product information includes a consumer friendly description, product image, full pricing details and technical specifications.

It has also been designed for use as an in-store sales aid for products not currently stocked and you can print-off quotes for customers to take away. And there is an easy to use template to allow you to create promotion flyers and posters.

This website is so easy to use as an ordering device but gives you so much more.

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Making ordering easy is a user-friendly stock file and ordering

application which allows you to

check the stock file by various search criteria. Selecting products for electronic transfer to order is quick and easy, orders can also be stored and updated later to enable you to build an order over time. Once submitted, minutes later an acknowledgement confirms stock availability. With the addition of an optional handheld scanner* orders can also be created by scanning the product barcode, entering the quantity required and uploading this to the system. Homelink advises on alternative product suggestions, flags up any special offers and gives

Retailers ‘back order’ preference details. It also acts as a sales aid allowing

Retailers to run-off or view product images for consumers together with product details. Developed closely with our retail members Homelink is free of charge, reliable and flexible to use and together with the B2B website provides an industry leading solution for stock searching and ordering. *Available at a preferential negotiated price.

Service led distribution

HHD is increasing supply chain efficiency and reducing Retailers costs wherever possible. Their two Distribution Centres at Barnstaple and Bedford use sophisticated warehousing systems to provide low cost efficient distribution to its Retailers. Not only do they offer over 95% stock availability, they sell virtually all products in single units with an on-time delivery success rate over 99%.

Sell more with no stock required

Home Hardware produces 4 seasonal consumer catalogues for its Retailers. These cover Outdoor Living, Cookshop, Fireside and Christmas Decorations. As well as being available to hand out to consumers, they also provide a laminated version on an in-store plinth for consumers to browse. Retailers are achieving significant levels of extra turnover and profit by taking special orders from these comprehensive catalogues for prompt delivery.

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