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Jean Dubost SAS Laguiole knife

Internationally renowned, the Jean Dubost Laguiole trademark is famous for the vast range of Laguiole items (cutlery, flatware, kitchenware and giftware), for respecting the traditional French know-how, and for being 100% Made in France. The Laguiole knife has been crafted in our area for over 200 years. It started out as a folding pocketknife, and its popularity rose in the late 20th century. It is easily recognized by the iconic « bee », which is an emblem of the area and a sign of authenticity. Jean Dubost has also added a touch of novelty to these products, offering a vast choice of colours and designs to meet the constant change in worldwide trends. This year, the resin handles are available in 5 new colourways.

Navigate Madagascar

Introducing ‘Madagascar’ a striking new range of gifts for the home, kitchen, lunch on the go and outdoor living. Featuring an eclectic mix of nostalgic animal and tropical prints, the beautiful ‘Madagascar’ collection brings a touch of the wild to the home with bold designs and fashion accents.

Ritterwerk Cordless hand blender vertico 7 +

The new vertico 7 hand blender guarantees absolute freedom in the kitchen with its cordless design. The lithium ion battery’s operating time depends on the respective kind of food that needs to be cut. It lasts about 20 minutes while puréeing liquid or creamy foods like soups and about 15 minutes while chopping raw vegetables or while preparing doughs. The hand blender is kept in its own charging station – that way, it is always ready to hand and is recharged automatically after every use as soon as it is put away.

What More UK Studio Utility Baskets and Plant Pot Covers

These high-quality utility baskets feature a sleek design with a high sheen finish and can be used throughout the home. Stylish, practical and easy to clean, they are perfect for decluttering the home. Wham Studio baskets are extremely versatile; ideal for organising dry food in the kitchen, cleaning products in the cupboard, clothing accessories in the bedroom, craft and stationery in the office, vanity products in the bathroom and much, much more. The Studio range offers matching plant pot cover to add a contemporary look to your favourite house plant. They are waterproof and non-permeable meaning no water will leak through during watering. Lesser & Pavey

Introducing a new additional to the highly popular William Morris range of fine ceramics produced by Lesser and Pavey. The full range that captures the original designs, class and quality of the artwork and presents these desirable illustrations in practical forms for the home. The Pimpernel range has just been added to the full range of tabletop items. This range with bold white flower dominates the mix of green foliage and smaller pink flowers that form the original William Morris design now captured on tea for one, butter dish, fine mugs, fine ceramics, melamine trays, lunch box and true environmentally friendly bamboo items and social stationery items.

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