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The Great British Bake-off being on television. And in the summer, fans and cooling equipment are well clicked, and then at the moment dehumidifiers are popular as laundry comes into the house. We really see it change through the seasons.

QuietMark covers a diverse range of areas, even focusing on the construction industry – was this a deliberate move to diversify? Szkiler: Very much so – we started from year one where we wanted to get a broad example of the potential of Quiet Mark right from the start. And then we have coloured in the areas as we have matured. It’s the most interesting business; you may get emails from a shower pump company asking to examine this area, and testing this new product. It’s an infinite journey to investigate finding solutions to noise – it’s quite exciting. An extraordinary one was an enquiry about a quiet Breast Pump, and will we test it!

The growth of mindfulness and metal health issues are becoming more and more important in society – has this benefited the business? Szkiler: A few years ago we produced a feature film called In Pursuit of Silence. In Pursuit of Silence was a meditative film about our relationship with silence and the impact of noise on our lives. In our race towards modernity, amidst all the technological innovation and the rapid growth of our cities, silence is now quickly passing into legend. This was at a time when we needed to put quietness on the map. Now we need furnishing houses with better quality products. We are aware of the growth of awareness of mental health – mental health is far more part of the conversation, not least due to pressures of social media. Interesting we have noticed in

lockdown that there has been an increase of awareness – a wave of silence has hit the planet. Suddenly people could hear bird song, people were eating with families, and not commuting – that’s why only 34 per cent of people that could return to a work office environment have done so. It’s a real connection to mental health awareness, and readdressing that balance. Quietness is a massive part of that.

We hear Quiet Mark recently launch its Acoustics Academy - what does this entail? Szkiler: The Acoustics Academy is a free to use online platform, designed to further equip

and empower architects and the building sector with a guide to expertly verifying leading acoustic solutions for every building application area. At a time when the Government is

encouraging industry to ‘build, build, build’, it is vital that the quality of build is paramount especially when it comes to aural design. Quiet Mark’s mission is to ensure that acoustic quality is never overlooked in the built environment.

And what about the future? Szkiler: We are wanting to educate consumers like they have been educated about environmental issues like plastics. We want consumers to be educated on sound and acoustics and bring it into the mainstream In terms of the market, we’re seeing

incredible growth in US. In that sense, expansion to other markets is now inevitable. We are a global trademark, so we see it as a global mission to make everyone’s houses quieter wherever you are.

October 2020 | 23

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