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Kitchen Storage These canisters are a perfect storage solution that would make a good addition to your worktop space. The faces incorporate letters to give a modern and fun twist. Made from white porcelain with a stackable black lid. The canister will make an ideal gift for someone special.

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DKB Zyliss Twist & Seal Dry Food Storage

“The new Zyliss Twist & Seal Dry Food Storage system. Available in seven open stock sizes and a 5-piece set, this space-saving modular storage system has a unique locking mechanism that produces an airtight seal to keep food fresher for longer. The units have a 5-year guarantee are fully dishwasher safe and dismantle for easy cleaning. Available from DKB Household in October.”

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Tramontina Purezza Storagewear

Tramontina’s Purezza glass storageware is highly practical and also very stylish with a range of several different sizes of containers which can be neatly stacked on top of each other. They are perfect for housing absolutely anything, but with the barbeque season and outdoor living upon us they are great for storing everything you need to organise and enhance outdoor cooking such as herbs, sauces, marinades etc. The glass containers allow for the contents to be easily identified and plastic vacuum lids ensure the tightest of seals to keep contents fresher for longer. Available gift boxed as a set of three or gift boxed individually.

Burton McCall Zoku Neat Stack

Take back your cabinet space with Zoku's brilliantly designed Neat Stack Collection of nesting food storage containers. Available in four sizes ideal for snacks or lunch. Each container comes with its own colour-coded band to help you quickly find the size you need and the leak-proof lid seals tightly for maximum confidence. Yet another great feature, provided is the multi-functional Neat Stack Freezer Packs which allow you to chill food to your liking. Either snap it underneath the lid or on top dependant on how cold you wish to keep the food.

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Orthex Sweden AB SmartStore Compact & Compact Clear

SmartStore Compact are modern, multipurpose storage boxes for various storage purposes at home. The boxes in high quality material store everything from cotton pads in the bathroom to dry food items and oils in the kitchen. SmartStore Compact Clear is a modern small storage range for the home. The transparent, high quality bins are especially developed for storage in the fridge and kitchen. The boxes come in three sizes and are ideal for storing fridge foods like vegetables, jars, sauce bottles and other items that you want to keep separated and well protected. Both Compact series are modular, all 4 boxes stack and work together. The lids can also be used as trays for small items and the deep rim makes stacking easy and secure.

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