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Nothing says the cold weather season is upon us, like a simmering pot of a tasty stew or hearty casserole - with Le Creuset’s extensive range of classic cookware, home cooks and chefs alike can choose from a variety of quality options perfect for transporting from the oven direct to the table. Housewares Magazine reports


ow more than ever, home cooking is taking centre stage in many of our lives: so the cookware we use needs to

not only give us functionality and reliability but also enhance the dishes we create and the space we dine in. Crafted at their original French foundry, Le

Creuset’s Cast Iron pieces are the stuff of culinary legend. With its large flat shape and shallow sides, the 30cm Cast Iron Shallow Casserole is the ideal companion for browning meat and vegetables, simmering casseroles, stir frying and can also be used to bake sweet treats. Practical and convenient, its large handles allow you to move it with ease from oven to table - and it makes a stylish centerpiece to serve from. Not only is the 30cm Cast Iron Shallow Casserole a handlers dream, it also promotes flavour, too: the cast iron construction retains heat for even cooking and browning and even enhances caramelisation, meaning your delicious creations will also stay warmer at the table for longer. Choose a 30cm Cast Iron Shallow Casserole in bold Volcanic, or vibrant and velvety new Deep Teal, to both complement your kitchen décor, and bring your culinary creations visually to life as you serve at the table for family and friends.

Elsewhere in Le Creuset’s vast cookware

portfolio and an oven to tableware staple is a versatile roaster. The Toughened Non-Stick 26cm Square Roaster is a hardworking piece that is a great option for a variety of cooking methods from roasting to baking cakes to one- pan savoury traybakes. The square roaster maximises space in the oven, while the high sides guard against splashes and the robust and strong finish allows it to withstand daily use, making it an ideal home cook’s companion. The Toughened Non-Stick 26cm Square Roaster features Le Creuset’s NEW best-ever non-stick coating which is now 4x stronger* and is tested, trusted, and guaranteed for life.

options of 19cm, 26cm and 32cm, choose a classic colour pop with Volcanic or Deep Teal, or select an oat ombre in Meringue to add a calming influence to the colour palette of your dining space. A must for home cooks and professionals, create a plethora of dishes from a tart apple crumble to spiced seasonal roasted vegetables in the Stoneware Heritage Dish. Other Le Creuset Stoneware options that are

ideal from taking from oven to table are the Stoneware 0.25L Petite Casserole, and the Stoneware 0.2L Ramekins. Smaller in size but equally effective, they offer adorable cooking and serving option that is perfect for single portions or side dishes.

In a twist on a modern icon, the Stoneware

With its sleek design, the Toughened Non- Stick 26cm Square Roaster is great for taking straight from the oven to your dining table – ideal to start a meal with Creamy Burrata and Oven-roasted Beetroot or to finish with a Pear, Treacle and Ginger Sponge Pudding. * Independently laboratory tested for metal utensil abrasion resistance. For an everyday essential, cooks can look no

further than the Stoneware Heritage Dish. Easy- grip scalloped handles mean it’s safe and effortless to move around from cooking to serving. With deep wide walls, the dish provides plenty of cooking space for roasting and baking, and creates a dish that is as versatile to use as it is to serve from. Le Creuset’s enamelled Stoneware is scratch resistant and cleans with ease: crafted to perfection and made from specialist clays, it maintains even temperature whilst in the oven and is exceptionally strong and durable. Available in the full iconic rainbow of Le Creuset shades and in three different size

32 | •

Petite Casserole features the distinctive three- ring design synonymous with Le Creuset, matching the iconic cast iron pots and fitting seamlessly into an existing Le Creuset collection. A host’s ideal companion, serve up mini moussakas or other individually portioned culinary creations that can be easily cooked in the oven and served straight to the dining table. The Stoneware Ramekins are another option for those wanting versatile single portion options that double as cookware and serveware: thanks to the hardy stoneware construction, they will travel all the way from preparation to presentation, helping cooks to delight friends and family with expertly baked desserts, or tapas dishes. For a seasonal array of colours to complement a home dining setting, select Le Creuset’s individual oven-to-table staples in classic Volcanic, revitalising Deep Teal, and neutral hues Meringue and Satin Black. Le Creuset’s latest campaign Food Is Love

embraces the comfort and simplicity of great food, taking inspiration from the trends of slow living and self-care to celebrate the role of food at the heart of the home. October 2020

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