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Spirotech’s combined deaerator and dirt separator, Spirocross, was the water conditioning system of choice at St Clair Gardens, a multi-million pound residential recovery centre developed for Coventry & Warwickshire Mind. To provide fl exibility the centre’s heating system was divided into four separate zones. The system was installed by D & B Heating and Plumbing Services, which specifi ed the SpiroCross low loss header. Project manager Michael Hurney said: “We like the SpiroCross because it’s brass, of superior build quality and reliable. We use it on all of our bigger sites and have never had a problem.” The SpiroCross is a three-functions-in-one component with four connections instead of eight. Providing active deaeration and dirt separation, it also delivers optimum hydraulic balance between primary and secondary pumps.


A Wi-Fi connected predictive magnetic fi lter, the new MagnaClean Professional3 Sense, has been launched by ADEY. The development is one of the biggest innovations in magnetic fi ltration and heating system care since ADEY invented the fi rst MagnaClean in 2003. The new fi lter not only provides high performance system protection, but it also predicts potential system problems and off ers connected preventative maintenance. Using ADEY’s unique Sense technology, the fi lter detects the level of magnetite collected, preventing ongoing system damage by alerting installers so problems can be treated before it’s too late. Regular readings are taken and using the Wi-Fi connection, this information is communicated to the installer through the ADEY ProClub App. Real- time updates are also possible if required.


Prefect Controls is off ering a cleverly simple product in the form of the RunTimer (PRE9220). This cost eff ective, easy-to-install unit keeps the pump running after the boiler has turned off by a pre-set time of between one second and two hours.

It is connected between the boiler and the water pump, but can be mounted remotely away from the pump it is controlling. Undue stress to the heat exchanger is avoided, thus prolonging the life of the boiler. Energy savings can be made as heat used in the system is not wasted as the water cools on the fl ow side. Plus, because the pump is not constantly running, unnecessary sound and vibrations are eliminated.


The pioneering ‘Extreme’ hot water loading cylinder from Mikrofi ll Systems can now deliver hot water at 6 bar, nearly doubling its previous capability. The Wras approved stainless steel loading cylinders are available in 200, 300 and 500l models and can all accommodate 120kW of primary input at 80°C. The net result is an instantaneous secondary

performance in excess of 2000 l/hr at 60°C on all models, with the 500l model producing 2570 l/hr.

The Extreme is designed to operate at a ∆t of 30°C on the primary side, therefore maximising a condensing boiler’s effi ciency whilst initially loading and further producing 60°C instantaneous hot water. The Extreme also has an onboard automated/manual pasteurisation programme.



Stiebel Eltron has been selected by leading student accommodation developer Unite Students to provide panel heaters across its high-profi le development portfolio. The developments, located throughout the UK and including major sites such

as Skelhorne Street in Liverpool and Battery Park in Birmingham, will provide more than 1,500 units of industry-leading student accommodation.

The CNS-NC panel heater provides estates managers with unprecedented control through its innovative ‘slave control’ feature, which sees the units controlled remotely to minimise the costs incurred by students heating their rooms.


Condair has appointed Tony Fleming as its head of sales cluster for Northern Europe. Formerly technical and operations director at Condair, Mr Fleming has taken responsibility for the operations of the company’s sales and manufacturing facilities in the UK and Denmark, as well as the sales offi ces in Ireland and Sweden. He said: “I am delighted to take on this new

role of developing Condair’s operations in the key markets of the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. The Condair Group has made signifi cant investment in these regions as part of its recent global expansion and has seen good growth in all fi elds of humidifi cation, evaporative cooling and dehumidifi cation.” The appointment follows a restructuring of Condair’s regional operations and the association of the UK and Ireland with Scandinavia as ‘sales cluster Northern Europe’. February 2019 33 35

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